One Piece Chapter 1066: Ohara, Resurrection! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 13 Nov 2022 at 17:00

In this new chapter, Vegapunk continues to offer incredible revelations about the history of the forgotten century. And a new surprise: Ohara’s knowledge is not dead!

Vegapunk will definitely be the mouth through which the first pieces of the history of the forgotten century will be revealed to us. We were thus able to discover last week that the island of Egg Head was not the product of a new technology, but from the use of ancient knowledge…that of the kingdom destroyed during the forgotten century! And this week, the genius scientist, still through his Shaka avatar, continues to open the scroll of truth, this time with an astonishing revelation. The buster call through which the World Government had destroyed the island of Ohara did not achieve its goal, since all knowledge was saved in a lake of books, which giants of Elbaf took to their island, and this under the orders of a stranger who seems to be… Jaguar D. Soul!

Ohara, still alive

We are very surprised by this Deus Ex machina. It was originally thought that Vegapunk’s mad knowledge was due to his intellectual power alone. We finally realize that in addition to his intelligence, the genius scientist owes his “500 years in advance” to the luck of the encounter with the giants of Elbaf on Ohara and Monkey D. Dragon.

In addition to this caveat on the genius of Vegapunk, Oda ends up revealing the design of the latter to us. And gossips could say that he didn’t twist himself, giving us an extremely recognizable caricature of Einstein – and his tongue out.

Is Vegapunk destined to ultimately be only a passing character in this arc, who will disappear when the Mugiwara leave the island?

Elbaf, the new Ohara?

In any case, one of the messages posed by Oda in this chapter is quite clear. To know the history of the forgotten century, and therefore finally know what was kept in Ohara, the Mugiwara will have to go to the library of Elbaf.

Is the arc of the island of giants coming soon?