One Piece Chapter 1066: Vegapunk the Revolutionary? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 09 Nov 2022 at 09:00

One Piece Chapter 1066 should advance the plot of Vegapunk’s revelations about the mysteries of this world, but also show us its connection to the revolutionaries.

the One Piece Chapter 1065 was important in this new Egg Head arc, showing us that the technology that Vegapunk had been developing for decades was actually building on what was created by the ancient Lost Kingdom destroyed in the Forgotten Century. But if we could thus see the Shaka version of the six Vegapunk explain that this island came from the “past”, by reproducing very imperfectly the wonders of the time, we also saw the latter making an important phone call in the delivery 1064, since he was on the phone with… Monkey D. Dragon. Will we learn that Vegapunk was an ally of the revolutionaries? Or just one of them.

Monkey D. Dragon, at the heart of all the intrigues

Hypotheses that would not be surprising when you know the link that unites Kuma to Vegapunk on the one hand, and Kuma to Dragon on the other. And as we could see in the last published pages, Vegapunk seems inclined to talk to the Straw Hat crew. He should thus say more about the relationship which unites him to the revolutionaries, and this all the more so since he announces “not to have it for long”.

Is Vegapunk thus behind certain actions of the revolutionaries, and especially of Kuma? Did he thus play a role in the choice of the different islands to which the Mugiwara were sent at the time of Sabaody? Did he also ask the ex-Shichibukai to protect the Thousand Sunny? And maybe at the direct request of Monkey D. Dragon? So many questions whose answers could quickly arrive.

Vegapunk against the World Government?

We can also imagine that the true convictions of Vegapunk will be revealed to us. If we had to guess, we can imagine that the scientist during his research discovered a part of the forgotten history of the century. Faced with the incredible nature of what he had in front of his eyes, he was able to seek allies against the World Government. And in this area, the most reliable would be: the revolutionaries!