One Piece Chapter 1067: Vegapunk’s Body Secret Revealed? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 16 Nov 2022 at 14:00

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1067 should continue to reveal things to us about Vegapunk. And in particular the truth about its constitution with 6 robots.

Vegapunk is finally here. And since its appearance a few chapters ago, it has been quick to reveal to us the different aspects of the mystery that surrounds it. We were thus able to discover that it was composed of 6 robots/avatarseach of which was presented to us, but also, surely more important characteristic, that it had had direct access to Ohara’s knowledge. A crazy revelation since they had put their finger on the forgotten century, one of the biggest secrets of One Piece. And that announcement wasn’t the last piece of the cake, with last week’s chapter ending with an image where the true body of the scientific genius was finally showcased. A rather interesting body, the top of Vegapunk’s head having totally changed!

Vegapunk, a retractable skull?

Indeed, while he had appeared in his memories with an immense skull, during his discussion with Monkey D. Dragon 22 years ago, we can see him today having a normal size head, simply overhung by a cover in the shape of the top of an apple. This aesthetic suggests that Vegapunk can modulate the size of his skull, and therefore of his brain. Could he simply extract part of his brain and then integrate it elsewhere? We would have there the secret of the creation of his 6 avatars, all part of this great great brain.

It is in any case sure that Oda did not choose at random to put in parallel these two different bodies of Vegapunk. We can be pretty sure that he will give us the explanation of the difference this week.

Vegapunk, a Devil Fruit user?

One of the hypotheses to his brain modulating ability, and surely the most plausible, clearly seems to be the use of a devil fruit. An opportunity for Oda to show us one of those rare fruits which, like that of Pudding, does not have a directly offensive goal.

Was Vegapunk entitled to a fruit of intelligence?