One Piece: Chapter 1068 Spoilers

The chapter also shows Shaka and other satellites of Vegapunk beginning to retaliate by activating some of Egghead Island’s defenses. Without a doubt, One Piece Chapter 1068 is an incredibly exciting way for the series to return from its hiatus.

One Piece Chapter 1068 is titled “A Genius’ Dream”. This issue’s cover story once again focuses on Vinsmoke Judge and Caesar Clown. In it, the pair are seen continuing to fight while reminiscing about when they were part of the outlaw science group MADS, of which Vegapunk was also a member.

The title refers to the dream of Vegapunk to provide free energy to all the inhabitants of the world. However, it was during his research that he discovered the mysterious source of ancient energy. As this area of ​​research is a component of the Void Century, the world government has taken steps to “erase” it.

Then we see Shaka Vegapunk give the order to “release the S-Snake, S-Hawk and S-Shark”. These are most likely other sea monster weapons, i.e. sea creatures that have been cyborized (turned into cyborgs) by Dr. Vegapunk. This would explain both why Shaka orders their “release” and why they are strong enough to influence the battle.

According to early spoilers, Shaka will give the “power of control”, presumably for these new weapons, to Sentomaru. Although fans have yet to see Sentomaru, he has already been described as working closely with Vegapunk.

Lucci used the Rokuogan on the Vegapunk Atlas, severely damaging it. Finally, Luffy and Lucci’s group meet at the end of the chapter, which seems to reunite the two former rivals.

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