One Piece Chapter 1085: Release date and theories –

Published: 2023-05-26T09:16:36

Update: 2023-05-26T09:16:39

The final chapter of One Piece features the conversation between Nefertari Cobra and Gorosei. However, the whole truth has not yet been revealed. So find out when One Piece Chapter 1085 is going to be released as well as any spoilers.

Warning this article contains spoilers!

The final saga of One Piece has only just begun, and yet several major events have already taken place. As Nefertari Cobra’s death shakes the world, fans are wondering who the real culprit might be.

One Piece Chapter 1084 features what happened inside Pangea Castle. Fans learn more about Queen Lili, who seems to have some connection to the mysterious ruler Im.

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The next chapter will continue to unravel the mystery behind Nefertari Cobra’s assassination.

So without further ado, let’s dive deep in order to find out what will happen in One Piece Chapter 1085.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Release Date and Time

As the manga will be on hiatus this week, One Piece Chapter 1085 will be released on June 5 at 5 p.m..

One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers: What To Expect

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The next chapter will probably pick up the scene where Im is sitting on the empty throne. He will also tell fans more about Queen Lili, the ruler of Arabasta. Queen Lili is an important historical figure since she is the author of the letter “D”.

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Also, now that Nefertari Cobra has discovered Im’s existence, One Piece Chapter 1085 will finally reveal the truth behind her death. The most likely culprits are either one of the Gorosei or the ruler of the world himself.

Looking at the photo of Sabo in the newspaper, where he is standing next to Cobra’s body, he will definitely appear in the next chapter. Sabo witnessed Cobra’s death and saw Im sitting on the throne. Therefore, the most logical explanation behind this misunderstanding is that Gorosei is using him as a scapegoat to cover up the assassination of Arabasta’s beloved king.

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Moreover, since Sabo is a high-ranking member of the Revolutionary Army who knows the world’s biggest secret, the World Government is more desperate than ever to eliminate him. Fortunately, Sabo is strong enough to come back to life.