One Piece Chapter 1085: Release date, preview and reading locations – JDD le journal du Digital

Are you eager to discover One Piece Chapter 1085? After the huge excitement generated by the revelation of what was happening at the Reverie, and after finally discovering that Imu could be the villain’s final boss, One Piece manga fans are really excited to discover this which will happen next.

To start this week, Oda decided to forgo a color board depicting the girls of One Piece, since a few weeks ago he gave us the boys of One Piece in the color board, and a few weeks ago details we can glimpse here, like the fact that Zeus is here, for an odd read.

Since this is a parallel color series to the previous one, I leaned a little more into the contents of the shirts, since last time we had Sanji’s cookbook, and I was wondering if we could find something interesting in this series. In this painting, Perona is wearing a shirt that says Kumasi for Kumasi, her pet. Ulti also wears a dress that says Devis Sister because she is the evil sister from Page 1.

We have Nami, who’s wearing a shirt that says “Whether Queen” on it, which is very fitting, and finally, I don’t know what Vivi and Tiger have to do with each other.

The last thing that can be seen on this page is Yamato clinging to Sunny. Oda hints that she didn’t join the Straw Hats, although I have to say it here, I’m recovering very strongly, and deep in my heart, I really hope that Yamato will join them.