‘One Piece’, chapter 987: when, where and how to watch the anime via ‘Crunchyroll’

The manganime, ‘One Piece‘, has reached’Crunchyroll‘and has excited all his followers, because they will be able to see chapter 987 without any problem, because it is a legal alternative platform where the manga can be followed week by week.

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Since the premiere of the stage of episodes 326 to 746 in May, where we can see the story arcs of ‘Thriller Bark’, ‘War against the Navy’ (‘Marineford’), the time skip and the first three arcs once the ‘New World’ (‘Fishmen’, ‘Punk Hazard’ and ‘Dressrosa’), the distributor ‘CrunchyrollSpain published the pending chapters to be able to be up to date on ‘One Piece’.

All fans who follow the manga in a timely manner will be able to access all the episodes prior to this story arc, the Wano Country Arc, which has the episodes from 890 to episode 987, which will premiere this week.

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How to watch ‘One Piece’ on ‘Crunchyroll’?

There are two ways to see Chapter 987 from ‘Crunchyroll‘, for free or through a monthly payment.

  • For free: In this mode you can enjoy animes, dramas and manga for free, but they contain ads that could interrupt your day. However, there is a mode of 14 days free to access all content without advertising.
  • Premium: The price of the modality ‘Fan‘ It is 4.99 euros to mes, where you can use only one device at a time. There is also the modality of ‘Mega Fan’, which is designed to share the account with friends, as it allows up to 4 devices at the same time.

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What will chapter 987 of ‘One Piece’ be about?

The advance of ‘One Piece’ shows us a counterattack of ‘Apoo’, Which affects ‘Luffy’, ‘Zoro’, ‘Kid‘ and ‘Killer‘because his musical power is a great threat to them. Furthermore, the confrontation aims to be the most dangerous, while ‘Sanji‘and the group of ‘Kin’emon’ they will reach the red light district of ‘Onigashima’.



Trailer for "One Piece" in Spanish for Netflix
Trailer of “One Piece” in Spanish for Netflix null