One Piece Chapter / Scan 1031: A Dark Side of Sanji’s Powers.

One Piece Chapter 1031 spoilers point to a dark side to Sanji’s powers.

One Piece Chapter 1031 will be titled “The Warrior of Science”. One Piece scan 1031 is scheduled for this weekend; however, some spoilers for the upcoming chapter have already been released before its official release.

Fans of the One Piece manga are in for a treat watching all the intense fight scenes that take place in Onigashima. The fight with Kaido is still ongoing, and it’s hard to say when this battle will end. However, with the Japanese manga entering its final stages, things can be said to get even more intense for the Straw Hat Pirates.

In the previous chapter, we saw Law and Kid team up against Big Mom, and now everyone is wondering what the next scan has in store for us. Well, thanks to recent leaks, we get a glimpse of Chapter 1031.

One Piece Chapter 1031 spoilers revealed

According to recent leaks, One Piece’s 1031 scan is titled “The Warrior of Science.” The chapter begins by suggesting that the devil fruit revival is a “gift.” As Law and Kid defeat Big Mom, she uses one of her life expectancies to become stronger as she grows in height. To make matters worse, she even gave lives to Napoleon and his other allies.

Drake declines Apoo’s invitation while Yamato breaks into the place where they are being held. In response, Fuga decides to oppose Yamato. Meanwhile, CP0 is set to capture Robin after arriving at a location where he sees Robin and Brook. In the midst of it all, we can see a few spies with masks, who are on a different level from the rest of the spies.

Sanji, who is still confused about his newfound powers, appears to have attacked a woman. However, he is still not sure who was the one who attacked this innocent woman.

Sanji wonders if he will become heartless like his brothers because of the powers of the germa. So, he takes out the Raid Suit and destroys it. Then, he asks Zoro to kill him after the battle against Kaido if he loses his mind. Finally, the chapter ends with Sanji attacking Queen with an attack called “Hell Memories”.

After looking at the spoilers, it’s safe to say that the next chapter will be mostly Sanji-centric. But of course, these leaks may not be exact, so it’s best to read the official chapter when it hits Viz this Sunday, November 7, 2021.

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