One Piece: characters more powerful than Luffy

The arch of the Wano Country has exhausted One Piece fans, but has also reached the highest moment of history. It has already been said many times that everything that happened in this place is related to the end of one piece, where Monkey D. Luffy must become the strongest character. But until then, the Mugiwara has to keep learning new skills because there are still characters more powerful than Luffy as we show you below.

First of all, it should be noted that win a match it does not make one character stronger than another. You really have to analyze many factors to know who is the most powerful character of all One Piece. So far, we have seen Luffy clash with very dangerous antagonists like Donquixote Doflamingo, but finally the pirate has won fights that seemed lost. And on more than one occasion it has taken a long time to win.

Luffy has also faced members of the Navy, to which he has not been able to win. From this and other details, the royal power of the 3 admirals of the Navy because they have not shown in front of Luffy everything they are capable of. So taking all this into account, here is a list with the characters of One Piece more powerful than Luffy, although this may change in the future.

Top 10 characters more powerful than Luffy

Here are the 10 characters more powerful than Luffy like the Four Emperors or the aforementioned admirals of the Navy. The true power of many characters on this list is still unknown, but we have reason to believe that they are almost unbeatable.

Big Mom

Big Mom is the strongest female character in One Piece.

There isn’t much to add about Big Mom, being one of the strongest female characters in One Piece. And he has also shown it in front of Luffy that he was not able to defeat her nor using the Gear Fourth. They both bump their fists on several occasions, but Big Mom Repels Every Attack and knocks Luffy himself unconscious. Therefore, the Empress is stronger without a doubt.


Kaido is the leader of the Beast Pirates.

Despite the latest events, Kaido can not miss on this list. At some point in history (not long ago) Kaido has been the scariest character of the entire series and it is not for less. One Piece fans have seen how Kaido smashes the pirate with one blow without much effort, but this was only the beginning. Eiichiro Oda saved the best for the end of the Wano Arc with an epic combat that will go down in history. So Kaido’s fame is well deserved, despite the final outcome.

Edward Newgate, Barbablanca

Edward Newgate is also known as Whitebeard.

We are looking forward to seeing more about this world famous pirate who sailed alongside the only King of the Pirates. Shirohige was considered the pirate most powerful in the world and only an alliance between the Navy and the Shichibukai could defeat him when his health was reduced. Newgate was a user of the Devil Fruit Gura Gura with which he can cause earthquakes and tsunamis with just one hit. This, together with his intervention in Marineford, makes us think that in the past he was an invincible pirate.


Shanks smiles and looks proudly.

He is a character as loved as he is unknown. Effectively, its full power has not been shown in the series, but he is one of the four emperors. He was a disciple of Gol D. Roger and a highly respected pirate for all. With all these data, it can be thought that Shanks is one of the characters stronger than luffy as with the Yonkos. The difference is that a priori there will not be a confrontation between Shanks and Luffy for obvious reasons, and they could join together to face blackbeard.

Marshall D. Teach, Barbanegra

Blackbeard is one of the most fearsome pirates.

In the decline of Whitebeard, Marshall D. Teach seized the opportunity to get stronger. In brief sequences we have seen the rise of this unscrupulous pirate to become the fourth emperor. And that’s not all because he is the only one who has been able to gather the powers of 2 Devil Fruits different: Yami Yami and Gura Gura. He has yet to say his last word and is shaping up to be the most dangerous antagonist of One Piece, even more than Kaido.


Sengoku de One Piece
Sengoku can become a giant golden Buddha.

Now we must highlight some members of the Navy who have demonstrated their capabilities in combat. He was admiral of the fleet and one of the main figures of the time of Gol D. Roger. Sengoku faced the prestigious pirate, so we are without a doubt facing a very strong character not to be underestimated. Something could be seen in the Marineford War with its incredible powers of the Devil Fruit Landmark Landmark allowing you to become a giant golden Buddha with superhuman strength and that no one had seen before. He is one of the few people Whitebeard respected.


Akainu de One Piece
Akainu can turn his entire body into magma.

There are no words to talk about Akainu, a member of the Navy with a great sense of justice. Apparently it is the strongest admiral in the Navy as it could be seen in the fight against Luffy. If Portgas D. Ace I would not have avoided itMaybe Luffy’s story would have been very different, don’t you think? That display of power was enough to consider for the moment. more powerful than luffy. After the timeskip, he takes up Sengoku’s position and faces his own teammates.


Mihawk is a swordsman from One Piece
Mihawk is the best swordsman in One Piece.

This mysterious swordsman has left stellar moments throughout the series, being a very competitive fighter. He met Shanks in youth, with whom I had duels in your workouts. It is an important fact to know that Mihawk is at least as strong as the pirate. In addition, it is a character who does not fight with just anyone and is always looking for worthy opponents as it happened with Zoro. However, Mihawk doesn’t seem very interested in fighting Luffy and will be the main one. Roronoa Zoro’s target.


Admiral Kizaru, Borsalino
Admiral Kizaru consumed the Pika Pika Fruit.

Once again doubts assail us with a admiral of the navy. Sabaody’s Bow was the turning point in recognizing Kizaru’s power, as it hadn’t been shown until then. Kizaru took the Pika Pika fruit which allows him to control the light in multiple ways, including transform into her. This gives him insane power that can’t be calculated and the series hasn’t given many clues about it either. Of course, the Logia type fruit is considered the most powerful, so we haven’t seen Kizaru’s full potential yet.


Almirante Marina Aokiji
Admiral Aokiji controls the ice.

It may be the weakest navy admiral of the three, even the least strict. The only certain thing about this character is that it was Defeated by Akainu in Punk Hazard and their differences have led him to abandon his position in the Navy. He is possibly the antithesis of Akainu in many respects such as his powers that allow him transform your body into ice and manipulate this item at will. Aokiji had the chance to kill Luffy, but he spared his life for defeating Crocodile and a debt he owes to his grandfather Garp.

Gol D. Roger

Roger Pirates
Gol D. Roger was the last King of the Pirates.

One Piece wouldn’t exist without Gol D. Roger and Luffy wants to follow in his footsteps. He is aware that to become the King of the Pirates he has to beat the four Emperors, as well as other prestigious pirates. So far only Gol D. Roger has achieved this title by find the one piece, but nobody knows what treasure it is. The only thing that is known about Roger is that he was the strongest pirate of his time and with his death begins the golden age of Piracy.

Now you know what there is characters more powerful than Luffy, although they have not necessarily defeated him in combat. The history of One Piece is full of nuances and a defeat is not always the end. Luffy himself has had to flee several times to continue training and learn new skills that they make him the strongest pirate of all One Piece.