One Piece Cliffhanger Teases Mysterious Devil Fruit

One Piece has sparked a whole new kind of mystery with the most secret Devil Fruit yet in the cliffhanger for the series’ final chapter! The series’ Wano Country arc reached its climax as the fighting across Onigashima draws to a close, and the series has dropped some major nuggets about the world’s past and lore throughout the climax until now. But there are still plenty of major mysteries about the rest of the sea, and now it looks like the show has added another major mystery on top of everything else with a brand new Devil Fruit.

Devil Fruits are still among the most mysterious elements of the franchise as a whole, as it’s never been entirely clear not only how they initially appear, but also the parameters of each ability. Some have proven to be super powerful game changers, and some have proven to be secretly powerful through the involvement of these abilities. Now, the latest chapter has introduced a mysterious new Devil Fruit that is so legendary that even the highest officials in the world government are now scrambling to deal with it.

(Photo : Toei Animation)

Chapter 1037 of the series continues the battles across Onigashima, but briefly gives fans an update on the Outer Seas as the Five World Government Elders discuss the fallout from the Reverie (which we last saw before Luffy and the Straw Hats land on Wano). They break down needing Nico Robin for all the plans they have after Wano, but soon they begin to panic at the news of a particular type of Devil Fruit that is legend even to them. In fact, it’s so “impossible” that it’s been a century since he was awakened.

Apparently what threw them for a loop is that the World Government gave this new Devil Fruit a name, and it’s apparently in an effort to erase the original name from history. Now, this has sparked all sorts of mysteries not only about the power of this new fruit, but also about the government’s role in the overall process of finding and using the Devil Fruit. Again, this one has such a formidable ability that the government itself is trying to conceal its existence by any means possible.

This could tease Luffy and the others’ next big trip after Wano, or tease something we’ll see pay off in several years, but what do you think? Are you curious to know more about this legendary secret devil fruit? What kind of major ability do you think he might have? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology sur Twitter!