One Piece Cliffhanger Welcomes An Unlikely Enemy

The one-on-one battle between Luffy and Kaido is currently the main event of the War for Wano arc which is tearing the Grand Line into the pages of One Piece manga, the fate of this nation rests on the winner of this titanic showdown between the two swordsmen who are each vying to become the next king of the pirates. With Luffy speeding things up via his Gear transformation and Kaido resting well in his hybrid dragon form, the battle seems to have changed in part thanks to an unlikely participant in the duel between captains.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of One Piece manga chapter 1042 you might want to stay away as we will dive into spoiler territory for Wano war.

Although this battle is a life-or-death battle for the Straw Hat and the Beast Pirate, Luffy and Kaido enjoy their spat with each other, with the dragon pirate diving into a keg of beer during the fight. fight to really take the battle. As the two seem ready to unleash their ultimate attacks on each other, the ground member of Cipher Pol interfered in the duel, not landing a blow, but distracting Luffy during the pivotal moment that allows Kaido to deliver a devastating blow to Singe that could end their fight.

If you’re a little confused as to why this CP0 member entered the fray, you might recall that in Chapter 1041, the Cipher Police member received direct orders from the elders of the CP0. army he must throw himself into the fray to prevent the “worst case scenario” from happening:

“Eliminate Straw Hat Luffy immediately! It’s a world-class battle, that’s why it’s so dangerous. These orders are meant to prevent the worst-case scenario, you understand. Although this is a scenario we only know from rumors and hearsay.”

Ironically, Kaido himself might be the one to take out Cipher member Pol, considering the Beast Pirate really had respect for Luffy and might see this interjection as an affront to his honor.

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