One Piece clues reveal that the World Government’s secret weapon will betray them

Now it is clear that the world government is not messing around with games, and that is, it has proven to have a powerful weapon on its side, as the Pacifist cyborgs have become the most powerful weapon available to the latest villain of one piecebut now, the series of sleeve has begun to reveal some clues indicating that they could betray them in the final battle.

The shocking revelation comes to light after the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D Dragonhas a close relationship with the World Government’s top scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, could mean that the Pacifists have been the Revolutionaries’ secret weapon all along.

What has left One Piece fans surprised, since Vegapunk is responsible for the most advanced technology in the world, including the Pacifistas, cyborg soldiers used by the world government as elite troops. Of course, taking account of the first Pacifista was Bartholomew Kuma, a former pirate and member of the Seven Warlords who volunteered for unknown reasons to become the prototype for this project, losing his humanity in the process. It was later revealed that Kuma was actually a member of the Revolutionary Army, an organization that openly fights against the World Government, led by Luffy’s father.

Now One Piece chapter 1064 ends with the Dr Vegapunk having a phone conversation with a mysterious caller who turns out to be Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, explaining that Vegapunk is not actually a Government puppet as was supposed until now, but has his own interests, and considering that Kuma let Vegapunk modify his body to make him the first pacifist, this could be part of a bigger plan concocted by the Revolutionary Army.

The World Government seems absolutely confident in the cyborgs, their strength and ability, however, if Vegapunk is really working for the Revolutionaries, the Pacifist could suddenly switch sides and bring about the downfall of the World Government, and that could be the reason why that Kuma allowed himself to be captured, accepted the World Government’s deal, and let Vegapunk turn him into a soulless machine, all to set the stage for the fall from within.

So should this epic clash occur, having the pacifists suddenly switch sides and fight the World Government would be perfectly in line with the tradition of shocking developments in the original manga.