One Piece confirms a last minute change in Yamato’s story

A last minute change could be the trigger.

The One Piece Wano arc has come to an end, giving rise to the fact that, after being able to see Luffy’s Gear Fifth in color, the Straw Hat crew must embark on a new adventure in which they could see each other. the faces with the World Government and one of the Ancient Weapons.

However, when embarking for their new destination, it has been seen that, contrary to what many expected, Yamato has not officially joined the crew.this being something that many expected and that has caused great controversy within the fan community due to the unexpectedness of this fact, especially due to the lack of a reason and justification.

Protecting Wano from powerful enemies is Yamato’s new motivation.

One Piece Reveals Why Yamato Didn't Choose Luffy's Crew

One Piece Reveals Why Yamato Didn’t Choose Luffy’s Crew

In this way, it has been possible to see recently in the manga, with chapter 1059, the reason why this last minute change has been made. And it is that, from what has been seen, the kaido’s son expressed his desire to know and explore the world, but apparently when the Thousand Sunny set sail, this character decided stay in Wano to help the new Shogun in protecting this country.

The surprise here was double, as Momonosuke, the Shogun of Wano, was the one who gave Yamato his blessing to leave. Be that as it may, chapter 1059 suggests that there was a last minute changesince apparently in a flashback of the character of Marco, a former commander of Whitebeard, it has been seen that Yamato talked to Luffy. telling him that he preferred to stay in Wano to protect the country from potential enemies now that Kaido was gone.

Although Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of One Piece, would have given a reasonable explanation for this, there are still people who are very critical of his decision, since they think it’s out of place. However, the facts are like that, so it remains to be seen how One Piece evolves in its next arc.

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