One Piece confirms a new role for Carrot in history

It seems that Oda had a very important role reserved for him.

One of the great debates around One Piece has always been who will be the characters that will join the Straw Hats crew, Leading this to the fact that from the beginning this was quite evident because in the first arcs each new character introduced and who was fundamental in the fights ended up being part of the band. And this is something that could be applied to top five membersfrom Zoro to Sanji (and including Luffy).

Now with the recent addition of Yamato as the latest member of the crew and with the final arc already announced, it looks like the campus of the pirates who will supposedly find the One Piece is closed, leaving out some key characters in the series like Carrot. However, it seems that Oda has thought of everything when it comes to give it a prominent role to this character.

Carrot will now hold a political position in the One Piece universe

Carrot from One Piece

In the most recent chapters of the manga, specifically in 1056, Carrot was appointed as the ruler of the Duchy of Mokomowhich has surprised even the characters of the series themselves, since the character might lack the necessary experience to exercise his new role in conditions. However, it seems that the reason behind this decision is that this character can continue with Peter’s willwho was killed by one of Big Mom’s children and left Carrot heartbroken.

In this way, it seems that the character will now have the duty to care for his people while Luffy and his entire crew embark on a new adventure before their imminent departure from Wano country with Yamato in their ranks. For the rest, it will be necessary to see what are the future implications that Carrot will have with this political position, although that is something that we will see during the next few years.