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One Piece picked up where it left off. With each passing chapter, Eiichiro Oda continued to provide readers with a lot of information regarding the current status of certain characters.

In the most recent chapter, Oda focused on the pirates as they prepare to leave Wano Country and set sail for their next destination. Amidst the celebration, there was an important revelation regarding the future of the principality of Mokomo.

One Piece

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, the rulers of the Principality of Mokomo, made a very important decision regarding the future of the Minks in Chapter 1056.

They have decided to name their successor and it will be Carrot.

The reason for their decision was that they want to stay in Wano Country and serve as Kozuki Momonosuke’s samurai. This is a smart move considering the country needs to get stronger as there are a lot of people who covet it.

Being named the ruler of Mokomo is a big step for Carrot, which comes with a lot of responsibility. The surprising thing about this decision is the fact that Carrot is very young, and she lacks experience compared to the other Minks. Someone like Wanda would have been a better choice.

However, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi aren’t stupid, they know what they’re doing, and the most important reason for this choice was because she has Pedro’s will. It’s an undeniable fact, Carrot was the closest to Pedro, and when he died, she was heartbroken.

She has sworn to avenge Pedro, by killing Charlotte Perospero, who is Big Mom’s oldest son. Once she has accomplished her revenge, she can finally rest and take responsibility. With Carrot in charge, the principality of Mokomo will enter a new era.

One Piece

As ruler of Mokomo, Carrot will help the Minks recover from the damage done by the Hundred Beasts crew. She has the courage to lead the Minks into a new era, where they don’t need to stay away from other races, and they could start living in harmony with them.

Since traveling with the Straw Hats, Carrot knows they are the ones who will bring great change to the world. They will leave the land of Wano, and once they do, they will get closer to One Piece.

One Piece

Prior to the Chapter release, there was a lot of speculation about Carrot’s future. When she joined the Straw Hats in Zou’s arc, she became a fan favorite character. Carrot fitted in well with the crew. Carrot’s personality was a big hit with fans, and she formed a strong team with Chopper.

She is kind and knows how to fight. Carrot played a crucial role in the Whole Cake Island arc, as she helped the Straw Hats flee Big Mom’s territory.

After his exploits, Carrot seemed almost indispensable to the crew, but that was not the case. She played a limited role in the Wano arc, which upset quite a few fans. This is due to the introduction of Yamato. Despite being Kaido’s son, Yamato was heavily inspired by Kozuki Oden.

Yamato fought against Kaido which allowed Luffy to recover. After Kaido’s defeat, Yamato openly claimed that he wanted to join the Straw Hats. This put Carrot’s future on the line, which saddened fans.

But with his new position, fans have little to complain about.

Source – Translation: Gamerant

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