One Piece Confirms Luffy’s Brother’s Devil Fruit Power Is Even Better

One of the most important and enigmatic characters from One Piece is Portgas D. Ace, he is the brother of Monkey D. Luffy, his first contact with the pirate world and the legend of Gol D. Roger, the ancient king. For this reason, discovering new facts and information about him is something that the fan community appreciates. In this case, the current arc of the manga reveals to us just how powerful his devil fruit could have been with his awakening..

The history of Portgas D. Ace in One Piece goes back many years in the past, the legend of Gol D. Roger knew her firsthand, as he was her father. From the king of pirates he learned what life was like on the seas and the dangers of being stalked by the Navy and the World Government, including the Celestial Dragons. Both his family experience and his apprenticeship as a member of the Whitebeard Pirates crew made him a powerful antagonist to the military forces of this world. His connection with Luffy is so deep that it goes beyond common bonds, as they also involve his own father with the young pirate’s grandfather, Navy Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, when they joined forces to take down Rock D. Exbec and his Rock Pirate crew. While the team eventually falls apart, they both come out with a deep respect for each other. This is illustrated by Roger’s deathbed request that Garp adopt his son Ace from him and raise him as a member of his own family.

However, one of the most important elements in his growth as a character and subsequent evolution within the power ladder in One Piece was the power of the Devil Fruit that he received. When Ace is shipwrecked with Masked Deuce on a desolate island without much food, the two young pirates find a devil fruit stored in a chest on a wrecked ship. Hungry beyond compare, Ace devours half the fruit despite the fact that it tastes awful and seems to have given him severe indigestion. Shortly after, his new powers manifest as he suddenly begins to glow and hiss with flames. Apparently, this simple ability that could pass for a small spark actually allows her to generate fire at will from his body, including his hands and fingers.

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Ace’s hidden power in One Piece

To Deuce’s amazement, Ace quickly embraces his new powers and makes them his own. Almost immediately, Ace compares his powers to those of his younger brother Luffy and comes to a grand conclusion, from Ace’s perspective, his fire-based powers provide more advantages than the flexibility of the Gomu-Gomu devil fruit. his brother Monkey D.Luffy in One Piece. While Ace doesn’t go into detail about the advantages he has, his subsequent actions demonstrated the accuracy of his analysis. First, there’s the fact that with the power of fire, Ace can perform a number of essential pirate activities, such as fueling a forge to melt down swords, screws, and bolts.. He can use his powers combatively to launch long and short range fireball attacks against opponents or he can create a ring of fire around his ship or location that would force opponents to think twice before attacking him. .

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Now, something curious about all this is that with his due awakening from the devil fruit, he could have surpassed his younger brother Luffy’s current Nika, Sun God form. Together with him, his dream of becoming a great pirate would have grown, as Redhead Shanks mentions that his new abilities will “deepen by six” any dream he has of being a pirate. After all, what good is a pirate if he can’t swim? But over the years, Luffy adjusts his use of the gum fruit’s power to make it one of the most devastating on land and sea. This is something Ace could have easily perfected.

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