One Piece Confirms Luffy’s Father Has A Secret That Changes Him Forever | Pretty Reel

Warning: SPOILERS for One Piece Chapter #1064 One Piece reveals that Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, has a secret connection to the most unexpected character of all time: Dr. Vegapunk. The two men are meant to be opposites, with Dragon being the leader of the Revolutionary Army and Vegapunk the world government’s top scientist, but there’s clearly a huge secret hidden in their past.

Although he debuted fairly early in the series, Dragon remains one of One Piece’s most mysterious characters. As the leader of the Revolutionary Army, the only organization that openly opposes the World Government, Dragon is one of the world’s most wanted criminals. Fans were shocked by the revelation that Luffy is actually his son but, despite this, the show hasn’t shared any details about Dragon’s past or his relationship with Luffy. The two are yet to meet in person, but they’re bonded by several other characters, including Ivankov, Sabo, and now Dr. Vegapunk.

When Vegapunk made his long-awaited debut in One Piece, fans knew this secret character would be key to unlocking many of the show’s mysteries. However, no one expected the reveal of chapter 1064, according to a spoiler thread on the One Piece Reddit page. In previous chapters, Luffy and the Straw Hats landed on Egghead Island, where the world’s greatest scientist’s lab is located. They part ways and encounter different “versions” of Vegapunk, who has cloned himself to keep up with the amount of scientific work generated by his genius intellect. The original Vegapunk is yet to appear but, according to spoilers, he does in chapter #1064, where he speaks over a communication device with a mysterious person, who turns out to be Dragon.

What is the connection between Dragon and Vegapunk?

Fans must now speculate on the connection between the two. Apparently Vegapunk talks about predicting his upcoming death, and Dragon reassures him, so the two must have a friendly relationship that dates back to their past. However, given their respective roles in the One Piece world, they should be arch-enemies. The most likely explanation is that Vegapunk is not a World Government minion, but must be forced to work for them for some unexplained reason, which is consistent with the fact that now that same World Government has sent assassins to kill the scientist. For now, the only clear link between Vegapunk and Dragon is Bartholomew Kuma, the revolutionary who was turned into a guinea pig for Vegapunk’s Pacifista cyborg experiments.

Considering that the current story arc features Kuma’s daughter Bonney as one of the main characters, it’s very likely that soon all of these dots will be connected. If Vegapunk, the world government’s greatest scientist, is revealed to be in fact a member of the Revolutionary Army, it could forever upset the balance of power in the world, as his pacifist creations may rebel against their masters. While One Piece fans still know next to nothing about Dragon, every time Luffy’s father appears, the story twists in the most unexpected ways.