One Piece Confirms The Marines’ Secret Weapon Against Luffy’s Crew

The final battle is getting closer.

One Piece is close to its final arc and, with it, the decisive battlebeing so that everything indicates that Luffy and all his allies will have a final encounter with the Navy, this confrontation being the one that could decide the fate of piracy in the universe created by Eiichiro Oda, warning this author that even what is about to come is greater than what was seen in Marineford, whose result left us wanting to see a fight between Whitebeard and Shanks among other things.

Now, in view of the enormous power that Luffy currently has, having managed to unlock a new transformation that has allowed to defeat Kaidoit seems that the Navy is going to have to make a great effort to deal with it, even though they seem to have developed a new secret weapon to use against Luffy.

Espionage may be key for the Navy to gain the upper hand

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

Under this same premise, the most recent chapters of the manga have shown that the strength of the Admirals and the cyborgs have fallen short of controlling the pirates, even though in 1058 it has been revealed a new weapon that would leave pirates in checkthis being something as simple as espionage.

And it seems that an intelligence division has been developed within the Navy that is capable of tap phones and listen to pirates’ conversations more dangerous, being quite likely that this group is the Criminal Investigation Service that we could see in chapter 1054 of the manga, being able to count on the help of the Secret Service in charge of Cipher Pol. Be that as it may, far from being a idea on paper, it has already been seen that the Navy has been able to capture information from the Den Den Mushi.

Obviously, it remains to be seen what the performance of this technology is, but if reality and fiction have taught us anything, it is that Information is powerbeing so that no plan that the pirates can make could be effective if the Navy develops effective counteroffensives.

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