One Piece confirms this terrible secret of Gol D. Roger


Basically: This is what it took to be the king of the pirates.

One Piece has been around for decades, and in that time, the fandom has mastered the art of coming up with some pretty crazy and far-fetched theories: From suggesting that Crocodile might be the one who gave birth to Luffy, or that Zoro’s dad met Luffy’s. However, one of the most interesting was the origin of the power of Gol D. Roger. Thanks to the last chapter, we have answers.

Creator Eiichiro Oda has seeded enough teasers in his manga to feed conspiracy theorists for years, but we didn’t expect him to solve this one, but thanks to Kaido we know the truth: Roger didn’t have any devil fruit.. Kaido confirms this himself, and fans were quick to freak out, as this means that he achieved all of his power without the help of these powerful weapons.

As we well know, in the world of One Piece, devil fruits can unleash superhuman power on the people who consume them. In Luffy’s case, he transforms everything around him into rubber or others like Big Mom’s, he could extend his life infinitely. Now, overcoming these kinds of abilities requires a great deal of skill.

Clearly skills can help pirates become more powerful, but they don’t make a Pirate King on their own. Kaido says that Haki is what determines such a victor, but fans know there is more to it than that. Roger’s indomitable spirit is what made the pirate unstoppable, and Luffy has shown that he shares that same heart.. After all, Zunesha says that they see that merit in Luffy, and there’s a reason why the Straw Hat captain brings hope wherever he goes.

Kaido vs Luffy, One Piece is giving the best revelations

The truth came out in One Piece when Luffy faced off against Kaido once again, and the pirates fought without worry or limits. Having reached Gear Fifth, Luffy is stronger than ever, and Kaido remains as resilient as ever. In fact, the villain says that he trusts what will win luffy since the powers of the devil fruit do not guarantee victory as is the case with Gol D. Roger.

With One Piece on the verge of a climax, all eyes are on Luffy to see how his final fight with Kaido goes. The future of Wano and the Grand Line as a whole is at stake. This means that the battle has no choice but to end with a bang, and fans are sure that Luffy will emerge victorious one way or another.

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