One Piece confirms who is the most wanted pirate in the world

Monkey D. Luffy is officially the most wanted pirate in the One Piece world, what will happen when Wano’s long and intense arc comes to an end?

In One Piece, the pirates have a great adventurous spirit and will never give up their missions, even if it makes them criminals who oppose the World Government, either directly or simply by existing outside its strict laws. the marines, the military branch of the World Government, are on a constant quest to hunt down piratesTherefore, they issue bounties that reflect pirates as a profound threat. Each of these threats to the World Government are based on several factors: personal power (in the case of individuals considered very strong); military strength (such as a pirate commanding a large fleet), or actively going against the World Government’s agenda (for example, simply researching the Void Century). Until now, the most wanted pirate in history was Gol D. Roger, who reached the hidden final island of the Grand Line, found JoyBoy’s treasure and thus learned the true history of the world. After Roger’s death, the highest bounty was Whitebeard’s (more than 5,000 million), considered to be the strongest of the Four Emperors. After Whitebeard died during the War for the Spire, the world’s most wanted pirate was another Emperor, Kaido, but at the end of the War for Wano Island things changed again.

Who is the current target of the World Government in One Piece?

Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, has caused quite a sensation since he went to sea as a pirate. In the beginning, he became the most wanted pirate in the East Blue Sea. After that, he entered the Grand Line and proceeded to defeat three members of the Shichibukai, destroy the government facility at Enies Lobby, and stage a mass breakout from Impel Down Prison. For many reasons the World Government has its full attention on Luffy, but among them is the fact that he is the son of the “worst criminal in the world”, Dragon.the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and the fact that he is a member of the mysterious “D clan. In Wano, Luffy has challenged not one, but two of the Four Emperors, Kaido and Big Mom, and with that confrontation reaching his Finally, the World Government has finally recognized that the balance of power has changed irreversibly.

The Government has dedicated itself to closely observing events unfolding in Wano through members of the CP0, a top-secret covert organization used for its most important secret missions. During the battle for Onigashima, the CP0 is ordered to mobilize to capture Nico Robin, Luffy’s crewmate, who is wanted as the only survivor of the Ohara archaeologists, after having been investigating the Void Century. However, in chapter 1041, the orders change: the CP0 has to eliminate Luffy immediately.

There are many things that make this decision a fact that can totally change the course of things. First of all, it is a direct order from the Gorosei, the highest authorities of the World Government. Secondly, Luffy is fighting Kaido who should be the most wanted pirate in the world, especially after his recent alliance with Big Mom and the declaration of going in search of One Piece. However, the target is precisely Luffy, not Kaido (who should be the most wanted pirate, based on his bounty). Finally, the order is actually “a necessary precaution”, which means that the World Government is afraid that Luffy will win, and what this implies for the not too distant future.


This reveal comes very shortly after readers learned that there might be a few secrets about Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit, as it was especially valued by the government before it was stolen. If we consider all of the above, it is clear to us that, whatever his current bounty is, Luffy just became the world’s most wanted pirate, even before the outcome of his fight with Kaido has been determined. Considering that the next story arc after Wano will be “Total War”, One Piece readers can expect Luffy and his crew to be at the center of the plot.

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