One Piece Cosplay Brings Katakuri Back Into The Spotlight

A great A piece The cosplay finally brought Charlotte Katakuri back into the spotlight after the pirate’s debut during the Whole Cake Island arc. The manga and anime could have gone way beyond the arc as they are currently in the midst of the final battles of the Wano Country arc, but we wouldn’t have gotten to this point if not for the whole configuration of previous arcs. One of the most pivotal to this was the Whole Cake Island arc which not only introduced the Straw Hats to Big Mom, but also the power of her extended Charlotte family crew.

Katakuri stood atop this crew and served as the final obstacle for Luffy and the Straw Hats to overcome. He was one of the more curious additions to the series early on due to his high bounty, and his fights with Luffy ended up revealing a surprise respectful rivalry between the two of them as it was clear that the two fighters began to meet. in a different way. Sadly, he has yet to reappear on the show since his fight with Luffy, but artist Jihatsu has brought the fighter back into the spotlight with a great cosplay on Instagram that certainly serves as a great argument for a comeback! Check it out below:

One of the most important elements of A piece This is how fights between Luffy and many of the series’ major villains often end without death. There’s a definite winner from every fight, and the story continues from every major win, but series creator Eiichiro Oda often leaves a door open for one of the series’ antagonists to return to. the franchise at a later date with a new element to contribute to the long-running saga. So that begs the question of what Katakuri’s future plans might really be.

He didn’t come with the Charlotte family as Big Mom invaded Wano, so if Big Mom makes it out of the island undefeated, that also opens the door for Katakuri to make an appearance at a later date. Considering how his fight with Luffy ended, however, it won’t be as neat as making him an antagonist again. But what do you think? How would you like to see Katakuri make a return in One Piece? Let us know all your thoughts on One Piece and all things anime in the comments!