One Piece Cosplay Features Hiyori Kousuki’s Adorable Pouts

Wano’s arc in one piece has allowed us to know the strength of its samurai along with the beauty of some of its inhabitants, and now one of them is faithfully represented with the following cosplay by Hiyori Kousuki performed by Saint Chan (twitter)

Kousuki Hiyori is the second daughter of Oden and therefore her personality is rooted in the strength and courage shown by the samurai, but she is also a woman who can sometimes show a childish attitude that can give us very funny moments within the game. anime and manga of one piece.

East cosplay made by the Mexican streamer San Chan It reminds us of the funny expression that Kousuki Hiyori makes when he is so happy that he is about to shed some tears. This waifu She doesn’t like to be seen crying in public since she is the daughter of a samurai, although the expression on her face becomes very curious (and cute), her eyes become very large and her cheeks redden from feeling embarrassed.

Hiyori is characterized by her emerald hair and a beauty that made her the most sought-after courtesan in Wano Country. We can see that after abandoning this alter-ego Hiyori went on to use a much simpler and more modest pink kimono. She took off many of her ornaments except for some rose-shaped ones from which flowers hang on each side of her head, in addition to the fact that she continues to maintain that attractiveness worthy of representing the princess of the country of the samurai .

What did you think of this Hiyori Kousuki cosplay from one piece?


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