One Piece Cosplay Traverse Wano With Kiku

A fierce A play cosplay really cuts through enemies across Wano with O-Kiku! The Wano Country arc has come a long way in Eiichiro Oda’s manga since its debut, as it’s a much larger conflict than first suspected. Luffy and the Straw Hats were first made aware of the Kozuki Clan’s struggles during the events of the Zou arc, but it wasn’t until Luffy made landfall on Wano that fans found out how long the waiting samurai had held out. hope to eliminate Kaido and free their country.

Fans saw the members of Akazaya Nine face off against Kaido in some awesome battles, but during the first phase, fans really got to know one of the most surprising additions to the crew, Kiku, who revealed she wasn’t just going to be a key ally. to Luffy and Zoro when they really needed them, but one of the pillars of the famous samurai group. It’s been a tough battle for the fighter so far, and Instagram artist @mirurumi7 brings that to life with some awesome cosplay! Check out the fierce results below:

Regardless of the extent of the fighting on Onigashima in later chapters and episodes, the war didn’t officially begin until the Akazaya Nine attacked the Emperor. Carrying 20 years of regret and pain on their backs after losing Kozuki Oden, the Akazaya Nine threw everything they had into their initial attack on Kaido. It still continues in the anime to this day and remains one of the arc’s most pivotal moments insofar as he truly attempted to take down an Emperor in order to avenge his fallen lord.

They also took tons of damage as Kiku’s fate unfortunately hangs in the balance in the anime and manga versions of the series. There were significant losses across the board in the Battles of Onigashima, and unfortunately, it’s likely that we won’t get the full scale of wins and losses until all the chaos is settled. Kiku took the most damage in the fight, but the Akazaya Nine in general also took all kinds of damage.

But what do you think? What do you think of Kiku as a member of Akazaya Nine? What do you think of the group’s role in the Wano Country arc in general? Let us know all your thoughts on this and all of One Piece in the comments!