One Piece: Cosplayer shows Luffy ready to explore the seas with the Straw Hats | Spaghetti Code

Without a doubt one of the longest-running anime is one piecewhich follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats, who have already crossed the barrier of a thousand anime episodes, where there are more battles that continue to surprise fans, as well as the appearance of new characters in a new story arc.

History is certainly full of characters endearing, but the most beloved will always be Luffy, so a cosplayer decided to pay tribute and created a spectacular version of one of the members of the Straw Hats ready for adventures.

Through Instagram, the artist Heyitsxen shared a female version of Luffy in a simple way that even makes it seem that the character could be a woman in an alternate universe, but the adventures would remain the same.

Source: Instagram @heyitsxen

As you can see, the outfit couldn’t be simpler with short shorts, a hat and sandals, combined with a red shirt. While, she has adopted for a short hair style and a little makeup to look spectacular.

It can also be seen that he paid a lot of attention to one of the characteristics that represents Luffy and that is his scar under the right eye.

Best of all, the representation of this cosplay was on the beach, so it gave Luffy a more realistic touch from one piece, since all the adventures are in seas and islands. What we are not sure of is if this version of the character could have great power or could even have more.

Are you a fan of the entire history of one piece?


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