One Piece could bring back an old enemy after the Kaido fight

An old leader will be back against the young Monkey D. Luffy

It seems that Luffy’s next big battle in One Piece will have as an antagonist a stronger version of one of his already classic enemies in the series. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is currently in a life and death battle with Kaido, the tyrant of Wano Country, but each chapter we get closer to the end of the battle. And the author of the series, Eiichiro Oda is already preparing the new villain who will face Luffy.

But let’s go in parts. As we well know, the world of One Piece is governed by the World Government, this organization uses the overwhelming offensive power of the Navy to keep its citizens at bay to levels that border on authoritarianism and systemic violence. In fact, the Navy is not a very subtle tool, so for situations that require a more deft touch, the Government relies on a shadowy group called Cipher Pol, an elite military group with its most fearsome forces. This organization is divided into separate groups, with CP0 being the most powerful followed by CP9. The Straw Hats have already faced off against CP9 in the Enies Lobby arc, which ended with Luffy having an iconic fight against Rob Lucci, the boss of CP9. It was a grueling battle that Luffy barely won only after being pushed to the brink of death. Rob Lucci and many other CP9 members would later join CP0 under the supervision of a mysterious man whose identity was still unknown, or until One Piece chapter 1041. Until now, CP0 has been acting in the shadows for many of the post-time jump arcs, including the current Wano arc. However, a new development in the latest chapter may force them out into the open..

one piece 1041 cp0 luffy

In One Piece chapter 1041, the leader of the CP0 is directly ordered to eliminate Luffy immediately, as he now represents a new threat to the World Government. While the exact reason for the order is unclear, the director of CP0 reluctantly agrees. It is still unclear why he refuses to kill the Straw Hat pirate captain, but he is clearly reluctant to get involved in Luffy and Kaido’s fight, perhaps fearing that these two pirates might ally against him. Therefore, it is likely that he will wait until he finishes the battle to try and defeat Luffy. If so, Wano could end up parallel to Enies Lobby, with an exhausted Luffy taking on a Cipher Pol head with a strong chance of taking the win this time.

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One Piece 1041 reveals who will be the next villain: The leader of CP0

This fight will probably be much tougher than his fight against Lucci, since this former villain currently serves under the leadership of the CP0, the boss of the CP0 is likely to be much stronger than him. And since Luffy has been giving it his all to fight Kaido, a full-fledged sea emperor, he will probably be even more exhausted than he was at the end of his fight with Lucci. However, while this fight might show Luffy at his weakest, it also has the potential to give Luffy a major upgrade, whether it be the awakening of his devil fruit or some new form of his Gear..

one piece 1041 gear third luffy lucci

In his original fight with Lucci, Luffy had to use a new technique, Gear Third, to defeat him. Oda has teased that Luffy could soon use a Gear Fifth technique and it would be like the first time he used the enhancement on him in his battle against Lucci. Even if CP0’s leader tries to take out Luffy while he’s still fighting Kaido, given how long CP0 has developed as a threat, it should be great to see. However, Oda’s penchant for parallelism and references to old fights makes it likely that Luffy will fight the CP0 boss one on one. It will be interesting to see how this stronger analogue of Lucci will fight against Luffy and how that fight will compare to previous One Piece battles.

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