One Piece could soon break another world record

the popular manga one piece is one of the oldest series and, during all that time the franchise has obtained a series of records, like the one that its creator Eiichiro Oda got when sales confirmed a few years ago that One Piece was the best-selling manga title of all time, and now, the IP is about to cross another world record by publishing the longest book in history.

That’s right, this update comes from Europe, because now that JBE Books announced plans to bring One Piece to readers in a new way, resulting in the publisher creating a limited edition volume that collects almost all of its manga pages to date, so this volume has the staggering amount of 21,540 pages, a huge number.

So this makes it a huge book, I mean a volume that big is going to require its own shelf to display it on, and let’s not even get into the spine fold, it’s going to have to be really sturdy, because at over 21,000 pages this volume is It will become the world’s longest book ever printed for sale, so there will be an untold number of panels to take in, and of course it will cost collectors a fair amount of money.

Well, this compilation manga will cost fans approximately $1,900+ dollars, plus shipping and taxes, not to mention that it will be a limited print, so he doesn’t know how much future copies could cost, but this could make One Piece receive a award of Guinness World Records for making the efforts of his huge book.

Since, after all, the group has not set any record for this particular title, but still, Guinness World Records has honored the longest novel in the world, so far the title belongs to the author Marcel Proust and his classic Remembrance of Things Pasta novel that contains almost ten million characters in its 13 volumes.