One Piece creator announces 15th film in franchise

This year’s Jump Festa never ceases to be talked about. In addition to the panel dedicated to My Hero Academia, was also available that of One Piece. Eiichiro Oda was there and communicated on One Piece news. Full of enthusiasm, he took the opportunity to discuss his next OAV titled One Piece: Red. This will return to an important character in the construction of Luffy.


Shanks, Luffy’s mysterious mentor

This year, One Piece passed the 1000th episode and 1000th chapter bar. In addition, he now has several OAVs, which provide details about Luffy and his entourage. On the occasion of the Jump Festa, Oda addressed the question of the fifteenth film of One Piece. It will focus on Shanks. Shanks was Luffy’s mentor. It was he who gave her the desire to go across the seas. He also owned the straw hat that Luffy jealously guards.

But Oda did not dwell on giving more information about Shanks’ role in this new film. “Shanks is indeed a mysterious figure. Will he meet Luffy in the One Piece: Red movie? He has many scenes in the film, ”he said soberly. For now, we just know that Shanks will have a major role in this movie. In addition, this OAV will be the first where Jinbe will officially join the Straw Hat Pirates. His presence alongside Luffy will be a big plus in any battles that may take place.

Release dates and discussions with Oda

Oda also took the opportunity to discuss the latest manga news with fans. In the manga, Luffy and his companions face off against Kaido and his Beast Pirates. The goal of the Straw Hat is to liberate the nation of Wano and open its borders to the world. Oda expressed his astonishment at the longevity of the Wano arc. “I’m surprised the Wano Arc isn’t finished yet. I couldn’t wait to draw “that” final scene of Arc Wano! ”He added.

One Piece: Red is scheduled for August 06, 2022. For now, the release of the OAV is limited to Japan. No date for Europe has yet been scheduled. While waiting for the end of One Piece planned in 5 years, it is a safe bet that Oda will release us other OAVs by then.