One Piece creator celebrates Bleach’s return with surprising and emotional letter

Eiichiro Oda seems to be a huge fan of Tite Kubo’s work

The return of Bleach has been a long-awaited event in the anime community, after many of the fans of Tite Kubo’s Shonen series believed that his work ended too soon when it was involved in both the anime and the manga. The arco Howl from the Jaws of Hell might be one of the most loved by the fan community, so it has had the attention of other great Mangakas, specifically Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, who shared his thoughts on the return of the Soul Society along with some trimmings from Mangaka Tite Kubo.

In a question and answer session that Sandman shared on Twitter, mention was made about Bleach and Tite Kubo specifically, so Eiichiro Oda made mention of the rivalry between the two Shonen creators who have made names for themselves within the anime world:

“Years ago, Kubo publicly announced on the radio that he hate Oda (the creator of One Piece).” Do youDo you want to know if I have a grudge against Tite Kubo? Yes, I do! That said, his entire statement didn’t seem to be particularly rude to me.. Actually, I don’t dislike Kubo considering his audacity having made such a public statement. “

Eiichiro Oda then took the opportunity to praise Tite Kubo and his work, acknowledging the hard work Mangaka has put in over the years. in his works, especially in the story of Ichigo Kurosaki and the Soul Society:

“I remember Kubo’s debut manga, since we are around the same age. I felt, Wow, this new Mangaka has good drawing skills. Your idea is good too. His drawings tell us eloquently that he is a pretty confident guy. Now that you mentioned me that way, I announce here with 100% confidence that someone like Kubo is a super tough competitive experiment. I’m sure you’re feeling embarrassed now, Tite kubo. You are a hard working man! Congratulations on the Bleach 20th anniversary! Let’s have a drink together in the near future. “

It seems that the creator of One Piece is also looking forward to the triumphant return of this great work. While one piece might be winding down in the next five years, Bleach’s return to weekly serialization in the Shonen via the new Howl from the Jaws of Hell arc could bring plenty of great celebrations.

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What is the new Bleach arc about?

After Bleach’s new one shot brings us back to the group of protagonists who survived the last great war in the final arc of the play, Tite Kubo introduces us to Kazui and Ichika, Renji and Rukia’s daughter. This new generation of soul hunters will play a pivotal role in this sequel. The new manga arc reveals to us that the Konso Resai, the Soul Society festival, actually brings back from hell the spirits of all the people and spirits who have died..

So we see the return of Szayel Aporro Granz, the unbeatable Arrancar of Sosuke Aizen’s army, the famous villain from Bleach’s first great arc. But, it won’t be the only one we’ll see back. This own character is killed in a single blow by Jushiro Ukitake, who was the thirteenth captain of the Gotei 13, it may be that in this arc we see the return of all fallen people (allies and villains).

one piece bleach

In this new arc, we will see how new and old acquaintances will have to face the most powerful hollows that they defeated, as well as companions who fell in battle.

Also in this new arc of Bleach, we will be able to see the new generation of shinigamis like Ichika and Kazui. In fact, in the final painting of the manga, we can see how this pair of infants possess great power comparable to that of their fathers and mothers. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet when the next part of Howl from the Jaws of Hell will be out.. Like Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, we will have to wait a little longer to find out more about it.

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