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One Piece fans have speculated for years that at some point Luffy and the Straw Hats might land on the Moon, and it seems series creator Eiichiro Oda isn’t ruling that out either. ‘idea. In a recent interview, the One Piece Film: RED screenwriter reveals that Oda shared an important clue with him that makes this ridiculous theory actually possible.

One Piece is full of mysteries and half-revealed truths, which are one of the main reasons fans are still drawn to the series 25 years after its debut. Symbols are everywhere in the world of One Piece, and none are as ubiquitous as the Moon. From explicit references (such as the Lunarian Tribe) to its appearance in the background of meaningful scenes and panels, the Moon plays an important role in the One Piece mythos, along with its opposite, the Sun. The world of One Piece is also theorized to have multiple moons (based on a panel in the manga but never actually confirmed in the series), which some fans believe would explain the peculiar behavior of weather and seas. Finally, an important cover story takes place on the Moon, confirming that the satellite hides many relevant secrets.

In a recent interview, shared on Twitter by Artur, a reliable source for One Piece news and content, One Piece Film: RED screenwriter Tsutomu Kuroiwa reveals some interesting details about the incredibly successful film that conquered the box- office in Japan. and will soon be released in North America as well. Talking about how Film: RED has a different tone and feel compared to the rest of the franchise, Kuroiwa says that while writing, he really felt just how deep One Piece and its world is. He remembers that time when Oda told him, “I can do anything with One Piece, even something like going to space,” which means the story and setting are so well developed that they can take any direction and stay as solid as possible. already.

Why One Piece Can Send Luffy and the Straw Hats to the Moon

While Oda’s words may sound like generic commentary with no specific intent, One Piece fans know that the mangaka rarely says or does anything without a deeper purpose. Oda’s foreshadowing is legendary, sometimes spanning decades, so it’s entirely possible that his comment to Kuroiwa was actually a tease of things to come. Recent developments in the manga also lend more credence to this theory, with the appearance of the Lunarian tribe and, more importantly, Nika, the mysterious Sun God whose powers are imbued with Luffy’s Devil Fruit. With the Sun/Moon symbology being so prominent in the series, a popular theory among fans is that Laugh Tale, the hidden island where the One Piece treasure awaits the next Pirate King and thus the final destination of Luffy’s journey, could actually to be the Moon itself.

Ever since Enel’s trip to the Moon in its cover story and the reveal of the existence of the “Moon Tribes,” fans have speculated about how all of these mysteries connect to each other and, with One Piece entering in the final part of his epic story, it seems like it’s time to find the answers, perhaps by sending the Straw Hats to the Moon.

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