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Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, spoke about his fondness for horse racing and the Uma Musume Pretty Derby anime.

The latest issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from Shueisha, the 47, is already available. As on other occasions, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, had some comments.

This time he did not speak about his work with the adventures of Monkey D. LuffyInstead, he preferred to make it about an anime. The interesting thing is that it is not based on any series from the publisher you work with. Actually, it was Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

Room commented in his space in this publication “underestimate the anime of Uma Musume [Pretty Derby]. He has a lot of respect for horses “. From what it seems, before these comments I had not paid much attention to it, despite the fact that it already has two seasons, plus a spin-off short form.

It’s after he said “This long-time racing fan was moved to tears!”. Obviously it made a big impression on him.

One Piece Creator invited by A Musume Pretty Derby

Horse racing is very common in Japan and many Japanese are fond of it. On Uma Musume Pretty Derby each of the girls that appear are based on famous steeds.

All because when one of them dies they reincarnate in another world. In a way, it’s a story isekai for these animals, since they arrive at another reality in a different way. As the creator of One Piece, there is a lot of respect in the series.

It could be said that this anime belongs to the sports genre, although it has elements that are reminiscent of the stories of idols, and also, a good dose of slice of life and humor.

When Room He says he was moved. I want to imagine that he is referring to the second season. This is much more dramatic than the first. All due to how much two of his characters suffer, Tokai Teio and Mejiro McQueen. Both suffered various injuries and injuries.

One Piece and when Episode 1000 comes out

To such an extent that there were episodes that left a strong impression on more than one fan of Uma Musume Pretty Derby. What is also reflected in the statements of Eiichiro Oda is that he likes horse racing.

Only a fan of these could take what he proposes so seriously Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Could it be that he also enjoys his mobile game? It would not be strange, since it is known that it plays this type of titles, such as Pokémon GO.

You have to relax your mind on something while working on One Piece, especially by the Wano Country Arc, which still continues. Thanks to @WSJ_manga by The advertisement.