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The artificial intelligence coupled with plastic art is one of the most shocking controversies of these times. However, its popularity expands to more areas, for example, to the recreation of manga and anime images, this time AI was used to give Rob Lucci a new nuance, one of the most important villains of One Piece.

However, it should be noted thatand Eiichiro Oda, the mangaka of One Piece, He was the one who took advantage of the opportunity offered by AI to recreate his villain.

The official YouTube channel of one piece shared the segment in which the AI ​​proposes a new version of Rob Lucci. It should be noted that it is a completely opposite version of the one we knew:

However, the funniest thing is that after the AI ​​proposes to the character of one piece in a very contrasting way to what we know, is that the mangaka makes Luffy Monkey face the new version of his enemy.

Although, Lucci is not only promoted again with the AI, but also returns to one piece, in the final arc of the manga. On this occasion, The villain has a new and greater power that could send the Straw Hat crew trembling.

In this installment, the crew will finally face Dr. Vegapunk. And it seems that Lucci is in better shape than before, and still belongs to Cipher Pol Zero —the military organization that functions as the world’s power for this moment. Let’s see what awaits Luffy Monkey.

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AI and One Piece

One Piece characters become flesh and blood thanks to AI.
Source: Artbreeder

Other proofs of artificial intelligence and pirate anime have to do with the realistic images of the characters.

Artbreeder is the app that showed the crew in a realistic format.

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