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the universes of one piece and Yu-Gi-Oh! very soon they will have a point in common since there will be a collectible card game based on Luffy and the characters of this pirate world, the same from which his creator made a funny comparison with “the Yugis”.

Along with the announcement of the next card game one pieceEiichiro Oda shared a curious illustration along with his comments on the TDC of the series, and from which he could not help but compare it with the popular TDC of Yu-Gi-Oh!

A new One Piece card game is coming! I don’t know much about “Traiding Card Games”…But it’s kind of like Yu-Gi-Oh!, right?! The characters will come out of the cards, right?! I heard that they will also use the illustrations from the manga and release them all over the world. They are really trying their best to make it… Come on, One Piece Card Game! I can not wait! P.S. They don’t really come out of the cards, ugh.

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The card game of one piece will be released during July this year in Japan and at a later date in the same year in the rest of the world. The cards will feature incredible art taken from the manga, as well as expansion packs and four initial “decks” (although most likely, we will not see our favorite characters from the same way as Kaiba Corp’s technology :c)

Among the starter decks inspired by the different pirate factions that players will be able to acquire are those of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Worst Generation, the Pirates of the Animal Kingdom and the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

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