‘One Piece’ Creator Makes Luffy Fight Artificial Intelligence

The mangaka Eiichiro Oda has asked the AI ​​to do his version of the villain Rob Lucci.

Artificial Intelligence is currently on everyone’s lips. Both for the better, due to its simple use, and for the worse in terms of the true work of the artists. You can write whatever you want in words, and the AI ​​does it for you in a second and with several options.

Until the mangaka of one piece, Eiichiro Odahas tried his luck with it by asking Artificial Intelligence to make its own version of Rob Lucci, one of the most important villains in anime. The video uploaded to YouTube shows Oda drawing Lucci and then passing it through the AI ​​and the result is quite funny. You can see it below:

When the AI ​​gives you the result, Oda decides to confront Luffy with the computer version of Lucci. to then make a much more anime version of the adorable female version of one of the most important villains of One Piece.

Another version that we will see of One Piece will not be created this time by an Artificial Intelligence, rather by Steven Maeda (Indelible) and Netflix. The live action series will premiere sometime this year 2023 and many fans have high expectations about the fiction, knowing even more that Eiichiro Oda has been very involved so that everything becomes perfect.

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While we wait for more details about the series, remember that on November 3, 2022, One Piece Film – Red, the film directed by Goro Taniguchi in which we see Uta, one of the most important diva in the world, premiered in theaters in Spain. world and daughter of Shanks.

The story is set on the Elegia Music Island, where Uta performs her first live concert. All the pirates and fans come together to enjoy this iconic moment, whose voice has been described as the best that could be heard in the whole world. However, the event begins with the revelation that Uta is Shanks’s daughter.