One Piece Creator Revealed Vegapunk Skin A Long Time Ago And You Didn’t Realize It

The character has been a mystery for years.

Throughout all these years it has been possible to see how One Piece has become one of the greatest works of manga and animethereby giving rise to the fact that, with more than two decades behind him, the story of Luffy and his nakamas continues to make millions fall in love every week with the issuance of new chapters, whether these are through paper or animation.

In fact, when talking about everything this series has to offer, it has been possible to see how over the years Eiichiro Oda has been posing various mysteries which to this day remain unanswered, which goes a long way in keeping the series interesting. And it seems that one that has been revealed recently has been the one related to the identity of Doctor Vega Punk, of which at the moment we do not know if it is the character shown recently or not.

Vega Punk would have revealed his appearance years ago

one piece vegapunk

Despite the self-appointment of a new character as Dr. Vegapunk, his true identity seems to remain a mystery in One Piece.

Given this, it should be noted that although it has been possible to see what this character would look like, the truth is that this scientist who is responsible for several of the experiments carried out by the Navy could have been shown with his design long before than we imagined, being so that old sketches of Oda would have already anticipated the appearance that this character would have. Although, to the surprise of many, not the same as seen abovealthough this would also have its explanation.

And it is that, as can be seen, the current design of Dr. Vega Punk, which is clearly female, shows us the character with a 002 on your clothesthus giving rise to the fact that perhaps this could be the second body that the scientist has, knowing that from the beginning it was theorized that this character was an old man.

As a result of this same theory, it must be said that the sketch that we mentioned would make sense of the fact that the current appearance and the speculations of the fans fit together, since it has been possible to see that in old Oda drawings there were a character with 001 on his headthis being an old man who fits with what the fans said during all this time:

One Piece Creator Revealed Vegapunk Skin A Long Time Ago And You Didn't Realize It

An old sketch of Oda would show us the original appearance of Dr. Vega Punk

In this way, the theory of the fans joining all the points would say that Dr. Vega Punk would have transferred his consciousness to a new bodythus justifying the change that we have seen with its final design and compared to what everyone speculated about, enjoying even more sense if possible the fact that all Vega Punk creations have a numerical value. We are waiting to find out how this matter ends, but there is no doubt that it will give a lot to talk about.

Otherwise, it should be noted that One Piece is already in its final arcthus giving rise to the fact that it has been possible to know that one of Oda’s objectives will be to solve all remaining mysteries thus giving rise to all the unknowns that surround the devil fruits finally find their resolution, while Luffy is expected to face the one who is the main candidate to be the King of the pirates, which will undoubtedly bring a great match for One Piece fans.