One Piece creator talks about Shanks’ role in new movie

These are the details that Eiichiro Oda has given us about Shanks in One Piece: Red

One Piece has been a very successful franchise around the world for decades, which is why it has offered us multiple films that show us the fun adventures of Luffy and his team, beyond the emotional plot of the series. Hence Eiichiro Oda, its creator, had the initiative to address the fandom, taking the opportunity of a new premiere, One Piece: Red, and thus tell us about the mysterious character Shanks, who will have an important role in this feature film. Although Eiichiro Oda has not given many details about it, the fifteenth movie has given what to talk about among fans due to the inclusion of the former mentor of Luffy, a moment long awaited by all.

As is customary, in the Jump Festa of this year, the well-known annual event dedicated to spreading the news of the world of anime and manga, including the franchise Shonen, surprised us with a panel of One Piece, but this time with the presence of Eiichiro Oda; However, he not only addressed the first details of the next film One Piece: Red, but mentioned the following about the participation that will have Shanks:

“Shanks is indeed a mysterious character. Will he meet Luffy in the One Piece: Red movie? He has a lot of scenes in the movie.”.

However, Room He also took the opportunity to talk about the current arc that is broadcasting both in the television series and in the manga of One Piece. Its about arco de War For Wano, in which Luffy and its Straw hat fight against the forces of Kaido and its Beast Pirates in order to free the isolated nation from Wano. In fact, he tells us something that has left us dumbfounded:

“I’m surprised Wano Arc isn’t finished yet. I really wanted to draw” that “final scene from Wano Arc!”.

Of course, when the arco de War For Wano finish, surely the mangaka will have prepared us some details that nobody expected.

In short, it seems that this feature film, One Piece: Red, will have a great role for Shanks. But it is not the only thing we can comment on about it, we also know that it will be the first film that has Jinbe What Official member of the Straw Hats Pirates. And, to add a bit of excitement amongst the fandom, Luffy and his team will finally have the strength and technique necessary for whatever battle comes up during this fifteenth film.

It has been announced that One Piece: Red It is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on August 6 next year. However, the franchise Shonen has not yet revealed when it will hit the West, as has been done previously with many other films by One Piece.

As we get to the end of the series, we still don’t know how many more movies were released before Eiichiro Oda close this cycle after a resounding success.

Are you excited to know when the next movie will be released? One Piece: Red? What will happen to the plot behind these changes? We hope to have new news soon.

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