One Piece dethroned by this recent shōnen

Since its debut in 2018, Chainsaw Man’s popularity hasn’t waned. Until dethroned the masterpiece of Eiichiro Oda?

chain saw man, mix of humor and gore, has met with great success since its inception. It has already sold 10 million copies worldwide.

An impressive success

With 934,000 viewsTatsuki Fujimoto’s shōnen dethronesOne Piece on the MangaPlus platform. The official manga reader app, created and distributed by Shueisha and available worldwide, announces 782,000 views for the former debut.

Already popular when its first part was released in 2018, chain saw man continues to generate a lot of interest since the release of the second part in July 2022. Despite these two years of interruption, shōnen fans remained loyal.

Its anime adaptation available since early October on the Crunchyroll streaming platform has only reinforced this popularity. Faced with the enthusiasm of the fans, the platform had also promised to produce a French dubbed version of the anime. And it’s done! Since November 1, the first episodes in VF are available. This MAPPA production has so far only received positive reviews.

A Denji/Luffy battle

Even though chain saw man meets with a loyal following and an impressive success, it does not yet compete with the cult One Piecewho stays best-selling manga in history. Remember, it has exceeded 500 million copies sold worldwide. An absolute record!

Already entered the Guinness Book in 2015, he is not only attacking manga, but also the entire universe of comics. Only the comics Superman stand up to him, with 600 million copies sold. One Piece therefore has nothing more to prove. We don’t worry about the masterpiece of Eiichiro Odawhich will not soon be overtaken by chain saw man.