One Piece: Did you know that Eiichiro Oda is married to Nami in real life?

Although it seems quite surprising, the author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, is married to someone who closely resembles the character of Nami

When crafting a story, whatever the mediumis well made and has good character development, it is clear that many fans they will empathize with these and even have them as a reference. Whether we want to admit it or not, many times the stories we read or see are inspired by, or borrow, details from reality, especially when it comes to developing believable characters.

Due to the latter, some fans of a work have been able to empathize greatly with its characters, and may even awaken some feelings of connection beyond the mere fact that you like it in that fiction. It could be said that some of these characters have been examples to follow and that the fact of falling in love with someone of them or even marrying them would be next to impossible. However, it seems that Eiichiro Oda can talk about this, with good reason.

Being the author of one of the most influential manga of recent times and having such a large number of characters, it could be feasible that he had a predilection for one or the other. On some occasion he has made it clear that his favorite character is Buggy, hence all the treatment he receives in the series, although he is a rather pitiful villain, but today we have to talk about his marriage with Namione of the protagonists of his work, since his wife was a cosplayer of this character.

She went from cosplaying One Piece to being the wife of her creator

We have already been able to verify, on occasion, how the One Piece manga lends itself a lot to be able to perform cosplays. Keep in mind that there are a large number of characters and all of them have the most striking elements to translate them into reality. clear examples of this they can become the fact that we have cosplays of main charactersWhat could be nico robinor somewhat more secondary characters and who have not had as much weight, as is the carrot case.

In the case that concerns us today we are facing a situation of a cosplayer that he was doing a job related to the character of Nami, more specifically when the series began. Chiaki Inaba was a professional cosplayer who during Jump Festa 2002where she appeared disguised as Nami, met Oda and this would mean the beginning of a romance that lasts today and has been consolidated with two daughters.

One Piece - Nami

Ignoring the impossible body dimensions of the manga character, you have to break a spear in favor of this cosplayer, since it presents a fairly reasonable resemblance. It is true that for the Netflix adaptation they have chosen a person with somewhat more Western features, since, as Oda himself commentedif each of its protagonists had a real nationality, Nami’s would not be Japanese.

Would you marry any of the One Piece characters in real life?

Two years went by from the moment they met and both got married, so that they would start a life together and Oda could say that he got to marry one of his creations, something quite egocentric as well as interesting. It is true that the fact that the work has been so important in these times and Eiichiro Oda has dedicated so much time to it, it makes them not spend as much time together as they should, but the truth is that They are still together and love each other very much..

Whether we want to admit it or not, what this mangaka has done is spectacular. Not only has he managed to pick up the witness of the great Dragon Ball, because yes, despite whoever weighs him, One Piece is the spiritual successor of Dragon Ball for some later generations, but, in addition, she has married someone who represented her work. If you could would you do the same?

One Piece - Nami