One Piece: Did you know that Luffy was a receptionist for Shonen Jump?

With this artificial intelligence thing, it seems that from Shonen Jump magazine they wanted to try it and placed the protagonist of One Piece for certain visits

many times the reality can be beyond fiction, something that we are seeing quite often in the days that we have to live. Recently there has been a major dilemma regarding the use of artificial intelligences, as they are increasingly capable of do things more elaborate than ever. It is not necessary to go very far, since on the web we have been able to see how an artificial intelligence gave the appearance of literary characters only with descriptions, as in the case of The Lord of the rings either Game of Thrones.

Little by little, the capacities that have these intelligences to be able to perform various tasks They are assuming an almost complete replacement of people. Despite this, the human touch is something that will never be lost and the use of these artificial intelligences should not become commonplace. With everything and with that, today it seems that we are going to deal with one that does not have to do with the elaboration of art, but with the interaction with people.

It has already been possible to see some cases of AIs that are capable of holding a conversation and respond very coherently. Today we want to talk about a case in which a company has decided to use one of these intelligences to help its business and, in addition, give a little more publicity to one of its products. We are talking about Shonen Jump magazine, the manga magazine that sells the big licenses that they like so much and a strategy that followed the most interesting.

Luffy as an artificial intelligence, something that not all of us will be able to see

Let’s get in position to to understand a little all this. Inside the Shonen Jump offices, all kinds of visits are received and it seems that they wanted to keep the more official ones a little more orderly. Given this, the directors decided establish an artificial intelligence that was on a screen and help to coordinate a little to all that visitor who arrived, something that took the form of Luffy, the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda’s manga.

In this way, on a real-size screen, a 3D modeled character provided the necessary information to everyone who asked. The functions for which this character was intended was, basically, to give instructions for directions to reach certain places or to indicate guidelines to be able to carry out searches or other types of administrative matters. All was provided by a company worker who captured it and shared it, resulting in a funny anecdote, in addition to being later confirmed by the company itself.

What an experience it must be to be able to see that and interact with it I’m sure it’s priceless, since it is a way of interacting with the manga character, probably replicating his original voice as well. Elements like this make for a good marketing campaign and get the follower to be treated well, so it would be interesting if it could be open to the public so that when they visit they can see it too.

Would you see any other One Piece character in this position?

All this took place last March this year, since One Piece was on a break for its anime and it seems that they helped with this to continue carrying out market strategies. However, we could come to imagine many other characters with artificial intelligencelike Chopper in a hospital waiting room or Sanji at the entrance of a restaurant, giving indications according to what they are asked.

The phenomenon that One Piece has brought to the world It seems that nothing else can be equated that for what was and is the case of Dragon Ball. Regardless of who may, Eiichiro Oda’s manga is becoming the generational replacement of Akira Toriyama’s and I think it’s absurd hold a competition to see which one is bettersince you have to enjoy all of them, be they Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach or whatever.