One Piece, Digimon …: all these anime stopped for the moment following the hack of the Toei

Several anime including One Piece are stopped for the moment following the official announcement of the piracy of the Toeiwhich happened a few days ago. We take stock of the subject.

A hack that has serious consequences for fans

Toei Animation announced today, March 11, changes to the release schedule for anime produced by the company. Toei Animation decided to shut down its internal systems after its network was illegally hacked by a third party on March 6.

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The intrusion of this third party therefore affects the anime broadcast schedules Dragon Quest Dai no Daiboken, Delicious Party Precure, Digimon Ghost Game and ONE PIECE. And at the moment, according to our information, all these anime should experience breaks on different scales before the internal investigation is successful.

The official page of ONE Piece gives us details on the future broadcast schedule

Regarding One Piecethe official page has already given us some more precise information concerning upcoming broadcast schedule.

TVアニメ「ONE PIECE」3月20日以降の放送スケジュールにつきまして、お知らせがございます。
詳細は下記、ONE PIECE. comトップページにてご確認ください。

March 11, 2022

There is an announcement about the broadcast program of the TV animation ONE PIECE from March 20.

Please check the details on the homepage of ONE below.

By clicking on the link in question present in the tweet, we come across a message which we offer you the following translation :

As announced by Toei Animation Co., Animation Corporation’s internal network was subject to unauthorized third-party access on Sunday, March 6, resulting in a partial internal system shutdown. We would like to inform you that this situation has caused problems in the progress of the production of the programs and has alsoaffected the future broadcast schedule.

We will announce the broadcast schedule after March 20 (Sunday) on the official portal site of ONE PIECE (…). We deeply apologize for theanxiety caused to viewers who eagerly await the broadcast each week.

We will do everything possible to restore the operation in order to make you live the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew as soon as possible. We therefore ask for your understanding.

It will probably be necessary to expect case by case for all the animes of the Toei of this fact, to know when these will resume. And while waiting to know more on the subject, if you want to know why the live-action casting of the secondary characters of One Piece controversial, you can refer to our previous article on the subject.