One Piece: director of the Netflix live-action series shares news

The anime and manga of one piece have secured their privileged place among so many other titles, this popular franchise already has an important place in the hearts of their fans, but now that they have decided to expand their horizons with a live-action version and reach new audiences together with Netflixhas left all its fans waiting for news about this version, about if it will only continue to be one of the greatest anime series that has ever existed or if it will also succeed in a completely new medium.

Your Creator, Eiichiro Oda is working hand in hand with the streaming service to adapt to one piece for live action, as he is always aware that every detail is taken care of and things as they should be; about the filming of the project that has already started a few months ago, and now, one of its directors has released an important update about the series; You see, it was through twitter, where Marc Jobst caught the attention of fans by posting a special tribute to one pieceas it turns out that the episode’s director and executive producer finished their work on the TV series, so they posted some photos taken on set in South Africa to commemorate their work, and Jobstlet us see his great love and gratitude to his locations and the team of straw hats:

Goodbye South Africa. Land of sunshine, hard work, little creatures that visit every day and mountains that every day took my breath away. Thank you to the incredibly talented team that helped bring this show to life. Now to the next stage. ..the cut”, the manager shared.

Jobstclearly feel good about one piecebut his work is far from over, as the director himself still needs to get the episodes he oversaw onto the cutting room floor, to which Netflix has officially said that Jobst is monitoring two episodes of one piecebut that total could have changed.

Now, the show has kept its other directors on the down low, leaving Jobst with all the curiosity of the fans so far, and as one piece continues to record, netizens are becoming more and more desperate to see the team of Straw hat in action; It is possible that Netflix have something to share at your big event this month of Junelet’s hope.