One Piece: Doflamingo’s 5 Greatest Strengths (And His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

Donquixote Doflamingo was one of the best known villains of the universe ofOne Piece. As King of Dressrosa and a member of the Seven Warlords, his presence was noted even before the timeskip, especially during the events of Mock Town and Marineford. Furthermore, its devil fruit makes it almost unstoppable due to its many creative applications.

Like many compelling villains, Doflamingo defines himself through an elaborate combination of strengths and weaknesses. By identifying them, we can better determine whether or not he is worthy of being called one of Luffy’s most notorious and memorable antagonists.

10 Weakness: Most of Doflamingo’s family is weak

Although Doflamingo trusts and respects his family, most of them are quite unimpressive in combat. When the battle for Dressrosa reached its climax, they all failed against the upstart gladiators and the Straw Hat pirates.

This was terrible when you consider that they understood the terrain much better than their opponents. Despite being a top executive and the leader of the combat branch, Diamante’s loss to Kyros was especially humiliating, as his opponent was physically disabled.

9 Strength: Doflamingo has unusually high durability1632219446 547 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Doflamingo has absurdly high durability, as demonstrated during his final fight against Luffy. Despite sustaining serious injuries against Trafalger Law, he managed to survive his opponent’s first use of Fourth Gear.

Despite being wounded, the Caudillo managed to annihilate dozens of gladiators just seconds after rising. This was partly due to his devil fruit, which allowed him to sew up the shattered organs. Using this ability does not heal him completely, but postpones the shutdown of the villain’s body until his enemies are defeated and his dominance is secured again.

8 Weakness: Doflamingo is a terrible strategist and planner1632219446 836 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Doflamingo is such a lousy planner that it’s a miracle any of his plans have worked. For example, his attempt to sabotage King Riku’s reputation could have been undone if the man had simply told his subjects that he was being controlled while slaughtering them.

Furthermore, his entire devil fruit operation was compromised if interrupted at any level. That’s why he tried (and failed) to rescue Caesar Clown from the Straw Hats shortly after the destruction of the SMILE factory. Doflamingo’s worst plan was when he tried to crush Dressrosa in a giant cage. If it had worked, he would have massacred his own family in the process.

7 Strength: Doflamingo’s charisma gains allies and maintains relationships1632219446 825 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Whether by manipulation or charm, Doflamingo has exceptional charisma. He was so sympathetic that many of his subordinates believed (wrongly) that he would forgive them when the cage collapsed.

Furthermore, he maintained such a stellar reputation that Bellamy was willing to kill Luffy for him even after he had been used as a human puppet. Perhaps Doflamingo’s greatest feat was when he manipulated the Tontattas into cultivating Devil Fruits as spoiled slaves.

6 Weakness: Doflamingo is often a poor judge of character1632219447 619 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Doflamingo is not a good judge of character. This was evident when he placed his trust in Corazon, only for the man to betray him by securing the Op-Op fruit for Law.

Corazon was not the only traitor in the family. Baby Five was so desperate for romantic affection that she willingly joined the coliseum veterans at the climax of the Dressrosa conflict. Furthermore, Doflamingo’s misjudgment and firing of Luffy during the Marineford war would later be his undoing.

5 Strength: Doflamingo was an excellent multitasker1632219447 157 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Despite his poor planning skills, Doflamingo is a superb multitasker. He fought Law in person while manipulating Bellamy against Luffy simultaneously. This illustrates incredible coordination, especially considering how tough both opponents were. Doflamingo was so skilled that he could nonchalantly thwart Baby Five’s assassination attempts while having a thoughtful conversation about a transponder snail.

He also managed to manipulate dozens of royal guards into attacking citizens by destabilizing Dressrosa. Perhaps Doflamingo’s most impressive feat was his ability to keep the bird cage active throughout his fight against Luffy, even after the Straw Hat captain activated the Fourth March and nearly knocked him unconscious.

4 Weakness: Doflamingo is horrible at finishing what he started with the enemies1632219447 273 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Despite his incredible strength, Doflamingo is horrible at taking down his enemies. This was first seen when he turned Bellamy against Sarquiss and tried to get them to destroy each other.

It was shown again in his conquest of Dressrosa, where he failed to kill Kyros, Riku, or even Scarlett. Doflamingo was so irresponsible in taking down enemies that he missed the opportunity to kill Law even after shooting him multiple times in the chest.

3 Strength: Doflamingo is one of the best connected people in the world1632219447 706 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Doflamingo is one of the most connected characters in the entire series. As a former Celestial Dragon, he had the political power to fabricate his resignation from the Warlords, to the surprise of marines and civilians.

Not only was he heavily affiliated with the World Government, but Doflamingo also provided Kaido with an abundant supply of Devil Fruits through his relationship with the Clown Caesar. His defeat put Luffy in the crosshairs of the Emperor and later resulted in a brutal reckoning.

2 Weakness: Doflamingo gets angry quickly1632219447 206 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Doflamingo’s short temper has often been one of his most glaring weaknesses. Whenever he receives moderate injuries, or if his plans are interrupted, his forehead bulges out noticeably. Mentions or thoughts about your past are an especially effective way to arouse your anger.

Law exploited Doflamingo’s visceral disposition by creating a room and swapping his body for that of one of the villain’s henchmen. If he hadn’t indulged in his emotions, the Warlord might have taken notice of his enemy’s machinations and retaliated when he returned to the top of the castle.

1 Strength: Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit is deeply versatile1632219447 327 One Piece Doflamingos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Doflamingo has one of the most versatile devil fruits in the entire series. It allowed him to attack his opponents with projectiles from a distance, control the bodies of others, create clones, sew their organs, and even manifest a quantity of rope so enormous that it could engulf an entire country.

Near his defeat, the villain also awakened the true potential of his devil fruit and used it to turn the ground into rope. Although Doflamingo employed this technique out of desperation, he still forced Luffy to think about when to finish him off.