One Piece, Dragon Ball: here is why the price of your favorite manga will increase

One of the biggest French manga publishers has just announced that it will soon increase its prices. For what reasons ? What are the manga concerned? And what are the new prices?

After Panini Manga France and Pika Edition

Last December, we mentioned to you in our columns the price increase announced by several major manga publishers in France, including Panini Manga France or Pika Edition, several cents. This due to a generalized paper crisis, cardboard and generally to the soaring prices of other raw materials (such as ink), but also transport. The fallout from the Covid-19 crisis has greatly affected the sector.

Around Glénat

Nearly 10 months later, it is now Glénat which has just followed in the footsteps of its competitors by planning by the start of 2023 an increase in the price list of its publications. A hard blow since we find some of the biggest Shōnen, like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, One Pieceor Berserk and even Bleach.

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Obviously, the reasons are much the same as for Panini or Pika Editions, namely the health crisis, the cost of transport, printing prices, but also cardboard. But we must add the repercussions of the war in Ukraine and its consequences on rising energy prices. Add to that the difficult access to certain raw materials such as aluminium.

new fee schedule

Here is, below, the exact statement of the editor on this subject.

To date, we have wanted to postpone the price increase of our manga as much as possible, however this is becoming inevitable and will take place on January 1, 2023. For good reason, the shortage of paper linked to the health crisis, the war in Ukraine and access to certain raw materials such as aluminium, the rise in energy prices, the cost of transport, printing prices but also cardboard which generate a very significant increase in costs. This exceptional situation leads us to increase the price of our manga at Glénat Manga.

It has been many years since we have increased our prices at Glénat, and even today, we wanted to keep prices as low as possible, this increase only ranging from 9 to 35 euro cents depending on the collections. As you probably know, each manga has a dedicated price code (located at the back of the volume at the barcode level), which will allow you to know the exact increase.

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The new fee schedule is as follows:

Manga : One Piece – Tokyo Revengers – Bastard – Berserk – Bleach – Dr Stone – Dragon Ball – Dragon Ball Super – Eye Shield 21 – Kilari – Alice Academy – Shangri La Frontier – Sakamoto Days – Tokyo Goul

  • Old Price: 6.90 euros
  • New price: 6.99 euros (+0.09 cents)

Manga : Blue Giant – Dragon Ball SD – DBZ- Gunnm – Gunnm Mars Chronicle – For the Worse – Reimp – Shadows House

  • Old price : 7.60 euros
  • New price : 7.90 euros (+0.30 cents)

Manga : Drops of God – Stray Dog

  • Old price : 9.15 euro
  • New price : 9.50 euros (+0.35 cents)

Manga : Chi une vie de Chat – Dr Slump perfect – Dragon Ball Perfect – Jizo -Ningyo – Kenshin perfect – The school carried away – Ranma 1/2

  • Old price : 10.75 euros
  • New price : 10.95 euros (+0.20 cents)

If for consumers, this increase does not represent too large a gap, for Glénat, it isa significant increase to fill its shortages.