One Piece, Dragon Ball Z … TOP 5 of the most traumatic deaths in anime

Some characters end up dying in animes. If we sometimes appreciate the latter, it is difficult to accept. Here are five traumatic deaths in the animated series.

In any work of fiction, we always end up getting attached to at least one character. When this one dies, it is a real heartbreak for the reader, or the spectator. The same goes for animes. Here is a TOP 5 of the most traumatic deaths in the animated series. This classification is obviously subjective.

Portgas D. Ace in One Piece


The death of Ace still marks the readers of One Piece. While the young man was on death row, his adopted brother Luffy had come to his aid. The Whitebeard crew were also present. The reunion of these characters obviously takes place during the Marineford arc.

Once freed from these chains by Luffy and Mr 3, Ace can again use his powers and escape. Unfortunately, following a few events, Ace will eventually die in order to protect his brother. Admiral Akainu, his assassin, had pierced his chest with his fist made of magma. This abominable scene, having taken place before Luffy’s eyes, deeply impacted fans of One Piece.



Krillin dans Dragon Ball Z (DBZ)



Krillin has died several times in Dragon Ball Z, it is true. His first death in DBZ is, however, one of the most traumatic. During the Namek arc, Frieza will detonate the Earthman from a distance. The end of the character will be so psychologically violent for Goku that he will transform, for the first time, into a Super Saiyan. A very painful moment today for the fans.

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Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (FMAB)


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Hughes is typically a man no one can hate in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Nice, funny, papa cake… A real cream. However, one day he will meet a tragic fate. The commander will be murdered in a telephone booth, while trying to give vital information to his superior and friend Roy Mustang. His death is even more difficult to accept during his funeral, especially seeing Roy and his daughter Elicia.


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L in Death Note


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The psychological battle between Kira and L is one of the highlights of Death Note. It will stop suddenly following the death of the famous detective. The latter will die because of the God of Death Rem, who will write his name in the Death Note. Many fans of the license agree that his death marks the end of the best part of the story. It is all the more traumatic since he has the confirmation, before giving up the ghost, that Light is well Kira with his sinister smile.


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Jiraiya in Naruto shippuden


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Jiraiya is one of the most beloved characters by fans in the universe of Naruto. His death comes as he confronts the Six Bread Bodies in Rain Village. The latter will plant him in the back of the spears. Jiraiya will eventually disappear to the bottom of the ocean. Naruto will be devastated by the news of his master’s death. His mourning will be mixed with anger against Tsunade, whom he considers partly responsible for his death.


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The deaths of these anime characters are for the most part even more tragic, due to the reaction of those close to them. Their memory will never be forgotten for them, but also in the hearts of the fans.