One Piece Dream Pointer: The game that all manga fans are waiting for?

One Piece Odyssey was unveiled recently and fans of the license are waiting to know more, but if you are a fan of mobile games, you surely did not miss the announcement that took place yesterday . And yes, a new title on our small devices is born.

A new One Piece mobile game

One Piece on mobile is not new, we have already had several games released in Japan, but also elsewhere such as “One Piece Treasure Cruise”, “One Piece Bounty Rush” and the late “One Piece Bon! Bon !Journey!” which closes on April 6.

This time we are going to talk about a game that has nothing to do with the others and that comes to us from China. It is called “One Piece Dream Pointer” and it will take you on a new adventure with Luffy and the Straw Hat team. We will find them on the holy land of Mary Geoise during the year 3D2Y following their reunion. Let’s go back to the title itself since we still have some information on it.

First of all, it will be a game in portrait mode offering more than 148 minutes scenes in high definition. You will be able to move freely in certain areas and the combat system is based on something you may be familiar with. Indeed, it uses a system of skill cards that you will have to select in order to act during your turn.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross in One Piece sauce

We’re not going to hide it from you and, in our opinion, you also had this feeling, but this game has a lot of similarities with the game Seven Deadly Sins from Netmarble, whether for the type of gameplay with the mode carried in third person whose fights work in the same way or even graphical style. Of course, this is in no way a bad thing, especially since if there is something that we cannot blame Grand Cross for, it is these elements. There is still a point to which we will have to come back if the game comes out with us one day, it is the competition between the two games.

Sure, they’ll have their own fanbase, but perhaps the arrival of the One Piece game could put Netmarble’s title on the sidelines. At the moment we are not there and the game has not yet been released, even in China, but it is possible to pre-register if you wish via the chinese blind. Don’t look for a release date either since there isn’t one yet either. Now that we know that such a title on this license which is celebrating its 25th anniversary is coming to mobiles, all that remains is to hope to see it land with us to test it and play it. And you, do you want to sail the seas in the company of Luffy, Nami, Zoro or even Robin?


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