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Eiichiro Oda is the recognized creator of the adventures of Luffy and his crew in one piece. During a recent interview, the mangaka talked about his work and He took the opportunity to mention his discontent with the current shonen, since he considers them very serious.

The interview to Eiichiro Oda was made in conjunction with Goshō Aoyamacreator of Detective Conan. They both discussed the moments they considered most important inside their sleeves. Oda said that the events of One Piece issue 1044 were important to him and had a lot of influence from Tom and Jerry.

He proceeded to mention that he created this battle to be fun. Regardless of what his fans believed, he even said that it was okay if they didn’t like him. But for him it is important to keep the fun in these types of publications.

Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece believes that the shonen are very serious believes that the
Source: Shueisha

I just want to play with my battles. Ever since I was just an assistant I feel like this aspect of manga has been disappearing. Shonen manga has become more and more serious to meet the expectations of fans. I honestly hate that and I don’t want to work to convert [One Piece] in something like that‘ Said Eiichiro Oda.

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Looking at some of the more current shonen, we realize that Eiichiro Oda Is right. The ‘cartoonish’ aspect has been left a bit behind. However, we still have some authors looking to keep the fun alive in manga.

What happened in One Piece 1044 manga?

One Piece manga 1044 showed us a new transformation of Luffy. This gave him new powers, which fans dubbed ’20s cartoon abilities’. Also, the protagonist maintained his jocular personality throughout the battle.

One Piece gave Luffy cartoon powers
Source: Shueisha

Though Eiichiro Oda He sounds a bit worried about the reception, the fans of his work were very happy. Most of the comments on networks applaud this change in Luffy and there was no apparent annoyance that it was not a serious moment. Perhaps the fun in shonen still has hope, it’s just a matter of more authors implementing it.

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