One Piece: Eiichiro Oda offers the most beautiful gift to his editor for his birthday

One Piece is the manga which possesses without any measure the most fans and of theories about his world. His author, Eiichiro oda is very proud of his narration drop by drop and the way it weaves its plot. But sometimes it happens that broken the secret. In this case, it is his friend and publisher Iwasaki Yuji who received the most beautiful gift that was possible for him to give.

One Piece : a very special gift

The Wano arc didn’t just show us Luffy and his friends battling Kaido and his minions in an effort to free an isolated nation from their tyrannical rule. This bow also gave flashback of great importance, featuring some of the world’s greatest figures from the New World in their early years. With the journey of Kozuki Oden documenting the discovery of One Piece by Gol D Roger, we now know why the island housing the famous One Piece treasure is called Laugh Tale. Of course don’t worry, we won’t make any spoilers between these lines, that would be too cruel. However, so few characters know the location and nature of the eponymous treasure, this is also the case for many people in our world.

In effect, Eiichiro Oda does not hesitate to reveal the contents of the treasure to those he greatly appreciatesor for example, to sick children who have only a short time to live and who will therefore never see the end of their favorite manga. In this sense, the author of One Piece gave this very precious gift to his editor and friend Iwasaki Yuji for his birthday, in proof of his very powerful friendship. It was in an interview with the latter that he told this very particular anecdote. The interviewers also took the opportunity to ask if Yamato was going to join Luffy’s crew.but the latter preferred to refrain from answering.

According to editor Iwasaki’s interview yesterday, Oda told him about what One Piece is on May 28, 2020. It happened to be Iwasaki’s birthday.ud83dude0a He recalls it was a really amazing moment. Interviewer asked him if Yamato will join Straw Hats or not, but he wouldn’t answer it.ud83dude02

March 11, 2022

According to editor Iwasaki Yuji’s interview, Oda told him the truth about One Piece on May 28, 2020, which is Iwasaki’s birthday. He says it was an incredible moment. The interviewers also asked if Yamato was going to join the Straw Hat Crew, but he wouldn’t answer.

One Piece : several theories about it

Since he set sail to become king of the pirates, Luffy assumes that finding the One Piece will solidify his crown in the New World.. However, he hasn’t had much opportunity to pursue his quest since arriving in Wano. Oda said that the manga is coming to the end of his adventure soon, and the secret is still very well kept until now by the few people who know it. There are a few hidden clues and VERY MANY theories. All we know officially is that upon discovering it, Gol D. Roger and his crew laughed unstoppablygiving its name to the island of laugh tale (formerly Raftel in European translations). We can well imagine that the treasure that Joy Boy has hidden here is therefore not only composed of jewels, gold and precious stones, and it is not as vaporous as “friendship” or “love”, since the important thing is the quest. No, that Eiichiro Oda confirmed that it won’t be something so predictable.

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Among the most popular theories, the most popular wants the One Piece to be…literally. A way to blow up Red Line to form a single oceanallowing the crew members to realize their dream, such as Sanji, wishing to find All Blue, a sea bringing together all the fish in the world or Brooks having the only desire to find Laboon, blocked by the mountain range. Others think that the One Piece is such an important secret that it would be able to start a new war in the worldrequiring a guardian in the person of… Red Shanks. We had dedicated an article to introduce you to 5 of the most popular One Piece theories of the momentin which we further explain Shanks’ role in this story.

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