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After 23 years of serialization, Devil Fruits remain one of the greatest mysteries that exist in the seas of One Piece, That is why Eiichiro Oda long ago wanted to shed some light on the existence of these fruits by explaining how they get their names.

In fact, the doubt about the names of the devil fruits arose and was clarified in volume 40 of One Piece. There are so many devil fruit effects like stars in the sky, and although Oda will take the time to talk about his origin, he took the time to give the following explanation to his fans

“Well, I’ll go into more detail about the Devil Fruit in the main story later, but there’s some kind of identification manual for Devil Fruits. It has information on the name and powers of each fruit, but there are a few that even have pictures to go with them. The Gomu-Gomu fruit had a drawing in this book, but the fruits for Kaku and Kalifa did not. They had to eat it to find out what abilities it had, and then they would give it its respective name.

One Piece volume 40 cover | Photo: Jump Books

As you can see, the doubt arose in a fairly old volume of the series (considering that it relates the events of Ennies Lobby). But it seems that Eiichiro Oda was able to support this explanation years later during the Thriller Bark saga with the fight between Sanji and Absalom.

Our ero-cook talked about the existence of the “Illustrated Encyclopedia of Devil Fruits” that he read as a child and that motivated him to seek the suke suke no mi to become “an invisible man”.

Even so, there are great mysteries that surround the devil fruits and we will wait for history to take its time and pace to explain the origin of these iconic elements of One Piece.

With information from: One Piece manga 40


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