One Piece: Eiichiro Oda, talks about his participation in the anime films

The mind behind the great manga and anime story of one piece, Eiichiro Oda has a big busy work schedule, and that is that as far as his work schedule is concerned, he has so many projects on him, that anyone could get confused or lose track, but instead, he not only continues to produce new chapters of one piece practically on a weekly basis, but he is also an executive producer of the live-action adaptation that he is producing Netflix.

That’s why manga fans Shōnenthey might be surprised at the role it plays Ode in the creation of movies one piecesince, they are a combination of original stories and rehashes of some of the most important arcs of the journey of Luffy and their straw hats.

And maybe you’ve heard it before, but if we go into detail, when it came to the creation of One Piece: Strong Worldthe tenth film in the shonen franchise that has just arrived on the streaming service of Netflix editors recently analyzed some of the thoughts he had Eiichiro Oda when it came to the making of the film, where Ode he even wrote every single detail:

“He told the crew that it’s important for them to grab the audience’s attention with the opening scene. So he gave them detailed instructions and images to guide them. Another thing that Oda spent a lot of time on is Nami’s last scene, the line ‘Promise me you’ll come to my rescue,’ gives a series of suggestions as to what its timing and tone should be.

Only for later, publishers plunged into the production of One Piece: Goldthe thirteenth film in the franchise that saw Ode as executive producer, explaining how he helped put together the film’s soundtrack, as well as immersing himself in the film’s original title:

“Oda is a big fan of Mayumi Kojima for a long time, and he sent her an enthusiastic invitation to create the music for this opening, and she also signs on as a character. That’s when, Kanaya was in charge of the dances and used the capture of motion for it. The original title of the film was Gold Rush, but one of the editors at the time said, ‘Just gold is enough, isn’t it?’ and everyone else agreed and the title was changed . The two editors then dyed their hair blonde, and Oda was very happy about it.'”