One Piece: Eiichiro Oda talks about YouTube theories

Thanks to the fact that One Piece has been being published for many years, it is impossible for fans not to try to create theories about this series and all the events that are happening and those that could occur according to the evidence that the author himself leaves. in each volume.

The interesting thing is that in the most recent episode of the manga, Eiichiro Oda himself decided to talk about the theories that fans make on YouTube and what is his opinion of them.

To begin with, Mr. Oda says that he prefers to stay away from the theories on YouTube, since he has managed to see that many of them are very accurate and that the intellectual level of his followers is so high that watching these videos could make him change the events of the manga that I already had planned.

That is to say, when seeing the theories he would feel “obliged” in an indirect way to continue the story based on the theories that the fans upload, which are quite correct.

“I know these YouTubers exist and I have seen some of those videos. I am surprised that they know so much about One Piece. However, I keep in mind that I should not watch their prediction and theory videos as they may be right.”

It was what the author said, but he adds the following later:

“A lot of the audience that reads One Piece do it just to enjoy it casually, so I have to draw One Piece in a way that is at the level of everyone’s knowledge.”

That means that there are different channels that have surely managed to hit more than one line of argument that the manga will follow. It is also very smart of you not to “get intoxicated” with theories, otherwise the story would cease to be yours and would become a story made by countless people.


Miguel Bravo is editor of IGN Latin America. Lover of everything that comes from Japan, video games and good stories. Engineering student in animation and the Japanese language. You can follow him on social networks like @ElDetectiveMike and on Youtube like El Detective Mike.