One Piece ends one of its great battles in a brutal way

Finally, Trafalgar and Kid put an end to an emblematic villain of the franchise

In the last chapter 1040 of One Piece, Trafalgar Law has just given Big Mom a definitive end, an emblematic villain of the franchise, in the most poetic way possible. Eiichiro Oda, the author of this manga, has always been good at writing satisfying endings for many fights in the series. However, once we have seen the awakening of the devil fruits of Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law and Big Mom’s increased power to stay alive at the cost of her special ability, this may have been one of the best.

Trafalgar Law is a powerful ally of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates., his most interesting ability comes from the power of the Op Op Fruit, which allows him to manipulate anything within a certain distance of him. His path to acquire this fruit was plagued with tragedies and emotional moments. After he and his entire family were poisoned by a toxin known to the World Government, he had to watch this organization that “looks after its own interests” massacre his family, just as one of its soldiers razed the city to the ground. who lived.

Law escaped and found his way to the pirate crew of the villain Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the main antagonists. While there, he formed a deep bond with Doflamingo’s brother Corazon. To save Law from the lingering effects of the toxin he was poisoned with, Corazon betrayed Doflamingo by feeding Law the Op Op Fruit.. This betrayal led Doflamingo to kill his own brother in front of Law, who was hiding behind Corazon, this villain did not have to hesitate for a single second. To prevent Law from being found out, Corazon used her own Devil Fruit ability while he was dying to silence Law’s tears of pain, who couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. While Law had previously mocked Corazon’s Calm Calm Fruit ability to nullify sounds, here it saved his life while his great friend was spending the last seconds of his life. Although Law helped Luffy and his team defeat Doflamingo in the Dressrosa arc, and thus took revenge on Corazon, he has continued to carry his mentor’s last moments with him until this Big Mom match in One Piece 1040. .

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Big Mom’s Ending in One Piece 1040

In One Piece chapter 1040, Law is able to use his memories of Corazon to finally stop Big Mom’s rampage.. Law and Eustass Kid have been fighting Big Mom for a while in the Wano Country Arc and it has taken a heavy toll on both sides. However, no matter what Kid and Law have been able to do against Big Mom, she has been able to bounce back and use her powers to devastating effect. Fortunately, this mighty pirate finally realizes that the perfect way to stop her would be to follow Corazon’s example and use his Op Op Fruit to silence her.. This prevents him from using her powers and allows the Kid to shoot her without resistance.

one piece 1040 trafalgar

This moment is the perfect cornerstone for Law’s character arc thus far. In chapter 996, when the raid on Onigashima was in its early stages, Law recalled some of Corazon’s words about how he was a bearer of the Will of God. and responded to that memory, saying that he had decided to find out exactly what that meant. Defeating the Four Emperors of the sea is a crucial part of doing this, and by defeating Big Mom Law, he has come one step closer to achieving his goal.

In the final moments of her fight with Big Mom in One Piece 1040, Law experiences some sort of twisted mirror of the fight that ultimately killed Corazon.. However, instead of silencing his own cries to save his life, he silenced the cries of his enemies to save the lives of all of his allies. By doing this, Trafalgar Law is able to end one of the biggest ongoing battles in One Piece in perfectly poetic fashion.

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